Thursday, March 29, 2007

I've been to "All About Computers" several times located next to the KirbyVacuum Repair Shop/Duffy Printing. Everytime I go in there, they find the most cost effective/efficient solution to the problems I've had with my computer at home.

They also do "home visits" if you have an emergency, too. Contact them at (513) 242 - 1800 or visit them at 907 North Bend Road, Finneytown. (The owner lives right here in View Place, too.)

Visit their webpage at (double click here) or write them at for information and prices.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

From Neighbor James Wright ...

FCA Notes
Website address is
Block Watch Program has been received as one of the best in the State of Ohio
a) It is designed for troubled areas. The pattern is that when an area has problems they start a block watch program. The program becomes such a success that it is discontinued. Later the program get resurrected due the need once again.
b) If you are interested in having a BWP notify FCA and ask for Nancy
c) Alternate phone number for Police is 513-729-1300
The current membership is over 180 and climbing
Fire Report from year 2006
d) Fire Emergency response 895
e) Medical Emergency response 3784
f) Education instructed over 3000 children using the Safehouse trailer
g) Program Juvenile Fire Setters, Kids Fire Academy Open House in Oct.
h) Inspections 324 for schools, foster carehomes and commercial properties
5) Development Services Department
a) Zone Certificates Report (2006)
1) Permits issued 301
2) Total Revenue $ 20,080.08
b) Code Violations Report (2006)
1) Inspections conducted 1,057
2) Violations Reported 1,073
3) Violations issued 844
4) Violations Resolved 782
6) Misc.
a) Concerns came over the lack of snow removal from sidewalks along with the hazards and safety issued that happens. Due to snow on sidewalks
1. Person almost hit
2. Students having to walk in the streets
3. Reason for lack of snow removal is legal and liability
4. FCA will draft a letter to sent to various agencies so the issue can get addressed
b) Newsletter will be taking articles scheduled printing in a few weeks, sent letters to Chris Aufrey in care of FCA.


I've been very lapse in my duties as the neighborhood representative and I apologize. I got into a slump after Mr. Badger died and things started snowballing so much that I pretty much threw in the towel and slumped into my corner. I am only revived somewhat over the beautification efforts on the corner of View Place and Wellesley. I secretly wondered what squirrel let the nut out with the chainsaw?

With April approaching, I will begin the start up of the VCPA once we acquire the financial resources to move forward with a new directory and new "front door." At this time, we have only collected about 1/4 of the information for a new directory. I think we have about $1,000 in the bank and will be working on filling the flower boxes.

I have membership checks from November and hope to get up to the bank to make the deposit. One thing at a time. One day at a time.

I'll try to keep you updated through the blog and memo board as best as I can.

Donna on Deanview


One of the biggest challenges facing the Township in 2007 is maintaining the 180 lane miles of Township roads and storm drainage systems. Due to the narrow defeat of the Road Levy, which was on the ballot this past November, the annual resurfacing budget will not keep pace with the growing list of streets in need of repair. In fact, the current annual levy revenue puts Townships streets on a 40-45 year repaving cycle. The goal is for a cycle of about 20 years between a full-depth street resurfacing.

As explained in more detail in the 2007 Budget information contained in this edition of the Newsletter, the vast majority of Township revenue does not increase with the rate of inflation or property value increases, because State law prohibits it. Therefore, the current 1 Mill Road District levy (known as outside millage), currently generates nearly the same amount of revenue as it did when it was passed in 1997. Yet, despite the fact that revenue has remained nearly constant, the costs associated with road resurfacing has nearly tripled over the past ten years.

Throughout the process of finalizing the 2007 Budget, the Board and Staff discussed various options regarding road resurfacing for the coming year. After evaluating the revenues derived from the current levy and the need to minimize the impact to the Township’s General Fund, which is used to fund many other essential services provided by the Township, it was clear that the issue should be once again presented to the electorate. Therefore, the Board has decided to place the 1 Mill Replacement and 1 1⁄2 Mill Increase Road Issue on the May 8 ballot.

Public meetings regarding this issue will be scheduled over the next few months leading up the election date. Please contact Township Administrator Michael Hinnenkamp at 522-1410 if you have questions or need more information about this critical issue for the short and long term future of the Township. You may also visit the Township’s web site at for the latest on Road Levy information.


I'm hoping the FCA can help out again this year with the 2007 Great Finneytown Clean Up, part of the nationwide Great American Cleanup. Volunteers have done a wonderful job with the cleanup in past years. This year's date is Saturday, April 28th. We will meet in the Allen Paul meeting room in the back of the Administration Building (the old part where we hold the Trustee meetings every month).

Registration starts at 8:00 A.M. with the cleanup going from 9 until noon. We will provide light breakfast items and coffee, as well as a pizza lunch when we're done. We'll also have the Great American Cleanup T-shirts for volunteers, garbage bags and latex gloves. They should bring work gloves, wear closed toed shoes and bring any tools they think may be helpful. We had 11 FCA volunteers last year, so that was great. I have some of their email addresses and can send info to them directly, if you'd like. Information also went out in our recent Township newsletter.
Unfortunately the printer left out the part about registration beginning at 8:00. We would like folks to be there before 9 to sign release forms and find out where to begin the cleanup.


Melanie Melanie McNulty, CPRP Recreation Director Springfield Township 9150 Winton Road Cincinnati, OH 45231 Phone: (513)522-1410 FAX: (513)729-0818