Monday, December 20, 2010

2 Homes in Foreclosure on Deanview Drive...

The very two last houses at the end of the street are in foreclosure on Deanview Drive.  Since this is the best time to buy and invest, please mention to your family and friends about the two homes here if they are looking for an investment.

Arlene Norris of Beechtree Passed Away

Just heard that Arlene Norris passed away this month.  Some of the neighbors in View Place remember Mrs. Arlene Norris who was endeared  as one of the "originals" of the neighborhood -- someone who found time for gardening, parenting, and coordinating schedules that would run rings around most of us today.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Missing Yorkie-Diabetic

Please help!
PeeWeeDuffy is missing!
400 Deanview Drive

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Household Treatment Systems in View Place

There is a proposal  currently under review by Ham. Co. Board of Commissioners for MSD to  run a sewer pipe up W. Northbend from Seymour.  Current residents from 504 to 565 W. Northbend  petitioned MSD and were approved in May 2010.   If the Ham. Co. Board of Commissioners pass it, residents who petitioned can expect new sewers as early as 2012. 

While this will have little impact for people living in the View Place neighborhood, it has opened a much needed dialog with the Ham. Co. Board of Health, MSD, and some of the residents here in View Place who have learned that this neighborhood is considered an "area of concern"  with the Board of Health due to the number of household treatment systems in use. 

If you have any questions about  your current household treatment system or passing inspection, contact Ham. Co. Board of Health, Chris Griffith at 946-7800.  Here is a link to law and rule information regarding sewege treatment.  Chris also has a record of pass/fail inspections. I am also adding a web link to explain "pass/fail" outcomes and how that impacts the homeowner.  Please look at the article about a lawsuit that was filed over an incompetent "dye test."

If you have any questions about converting household treatment systems to sewer, contact MSD engineer Brent Tuley at 557-5914.  The process requires a majority vote.  As with any petitions, make sure you have all the facts before you sign.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rest In Peace, Douglas J. Lippincott

We just heard the news about Fred and Donna's son who died on Tuesday.   Our hearts and prayers go out to the Lippincott family and friends.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Blogging Live at the Township Neighborhood Meeting Nov. 4, 2010

I'm writing this as Mike is address the different representives from around Springfield Township:

Mike reported that the Residential Rental Inspection Program is currently being reviewed with all issues and concerns being addressed.  There is so much that the law will allow the township to do to move ahead so most likely, Mike Hinnekamp says that there will besome kind of  registration when tenants change hands and inspections will be conducted when there is a complaint lodged about the rental property.

He also announced on December 4th -- there will be a Winterfest for the township children from 1 - 4 p.m.  Madcap Puppets will be here!


Here is an outline about what we'll be discussing specifically about the Individual Neighborhood Planning Meeting:

Issues, assets, and organizations
Existing Land Use
Existing Zoning
Proposed Land Use
Development Strategies

Stakeholder Meeting-- People were invited to the meeting to get feedback about the proposed  "Core Development" area which was earlier in October. 
The "Core" Redevelopment Area
Develop Round Table

Final Product will include a township wide operation policies and strategies and the plan will be prepared from Dec. to Feb.   March 6th, the Annual State of the Address will be announced PUBLICALLY.  March - Aril there will be time to review and make changes.  And in April there will be a final plan adoption by the Board of Trustees.

Chris Gilbert is now presenting a map of Springfield Township and recapping what was discussed in individual neighborhood meetings:

In the Lexington Hgts. Wellspring and Glencoe --  they are trying to promote reinvestment in some of the neighborhoodsand commercial areas that need strategies to revitalize the housing. 

Golfway and North College Hill  -- identifying areas here to redevelop "housing stock" and improving aesthetics.  He pointed out some areas that offer opportunity to redevelop but reminds us that Springfield Twp will not take ownership, but point it out to developers.

Hamilton NE -- most of it is Winton Woods Park, but he pointed out the need to expand on  industrial development in "enterprise zone" along Hamilton Rd.They want to maintain some of the "rural" area around the park.

Seven Hills has a very bold proposed change in some areas -- converting  some of the neighborhoods in crisis to transition to light industrial area because it is so close to 275 -- the retail market is not rebounding and hasn't done so for some time.

Pleasant Run Farms -- it has a strong residential  identity, civic associations, parks, and will see very little change.  There was a small pocket neighborhood with rentals that needed  addressing due to a future school closing there.

Hamilton SW - huge redevelopment opportunity was identified near Rinks on Hamilton and issues with  "housing stock" areas.  Few of neighborhoods are in need for revitalization and reinvestment

Finneytown!!! That's us!  Major attribute was the close proximity to the highways and gateway to the township.  Identified redevelopment in commercial areas of Brentwood.  Also  pointed out that "core" area that was along Winton Road and around Ward Nursery for potential re-investment, streetscapes, for mix of commercial/residential! They see retail development as key to success here because it was identified in previous psychographic studies as "a core" for  people who live and work in the area. There might be some zoning changes presented in the future so everyone needs to pay attention here. (Follow this link to the initial meeting where this was discussed in detail:

The Valley Area had good access to I-75 and want to redevelop industrial in that area.  Looking at higher density residential housing to replace some of the tired single homes.  (Remember, this is a a long term vision.)

Winton NE comprises 50% of neighborhood. Potential for re-development as residential.  Lakeridge area has great potential for redevelopment. They see a restaurant, outdoor patio for the Winton Woods Harbor area.

Hollydale -- redevelopment and reinvestment

Winton NW - deterioration of housing stock requiring redevelopment.

Neighborhood Master Plan Steering Committee meeting

Neighborhood Master Planning

Springfield Township is a unique, diverse community that is comprised of many different neighborhoods, each with their unique character, attributes and needs. In addition, the Township includes one school district that is entirely within the Township and portions of six others. With a total of 39,755 residents and about 16,000 households, we recognize that an overall Master Plan for the entire Township may fail to address the individual and specific needs of a particular neighborhood. Therefore, we are creating a Master Plan process that embraces the Township for what it is - a community of neighborhoods. You care about your neighborhood, what it looks like and what it could be. It's where you call home. Creating many individually customized, but unified neighborhood and district plans, will allow us to better ensure our Township's sustainability and create a path for a bright future.

The Strategic Neighborhood Master Plan Map

This map outlines twelve "districts" that will be used to create a neighborhood master plan.

• What District Do I Live In?

Individual street listing of Neighborhood Districts (Click Here)

Phase One: Information Gathering

Eleven neighborhood meetings were scheduled in the months of September & October (2009) to begin the process of creating a Township-wide master plan. Each neighborhood meeting began with a presentation of current neighborhood conditions: land use, economic conditions, housing conditions, rental statistics, crime rate, fire response time, road infrastructure, and neighborhood attributes. This provided residents with statistical information as it relates to where they live. The second half of the meeting was designed to gather specific suggestions from residents. This segment was used as an idea brainstorm from residents - things to make your neighborhood better, stronger, sustainable and prosperous. Residents from each neighborhood came with suggestions for the future. The suggestions were recorded and will become part of the next phase in the master planning stages.

Trustees are currently working with the Administrator and Department Heads to address some of the more easily remedied concerns immediately. The next stages of the master planning process will include resident volunteers participating on a steering committee. The committee will be comprised of residents who expressed and interest in participating and brings a level of expertise to the group. Committee Meetings will be scheduled throughout 2010. Progress will be reported through the Township's e-news and through our local media partners. The final plan will be presented in 2011.

Missed your meeting? Watch the taped meeting here.

Phase Two: Steering Committees

Springfield Township Trustees have selected 3 to 10 steering committee members to represent each neighborhood district. The committee members are all residents who live in the district they represent and have shown an interest in participating in the planning process. The committee members will participate in monthly seminars, learning more about the Township and then they are providing their feedback on specific aspects of the master plan. The seminars began March 2nd and will conclude with a near complete custom master plan in December.

Residents are encouraged to participate by contacting their steering committee members. You can receive meeting updates and have your opinions heard by any of the residents listed below.

• What District Do I Live In?

Individual street listing of Neighborhood Districts (Click Here)

* District captain

Finneytown North District

Gerri Frank

Jim Golan

John Rapach

Julie Stark

Sherry Kelley Marshall

Tracey Carraher

Bob Heglin

Richard Okenfuss

Wes Girdler

Finneytown South District

Jeff Dean

jrdengenv@aol 761-6277

Donna Saul 821-5714

Susan Wagner


John Listermann 522-0513

Bill Angert 542-7504

Norbert Gilman 522-1570

Mike Battles

* Dan Deitsch 761-8619

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wicked Windows on Winton!

Full ViewWicked Windows on Winton!!!!

From: Springfield Township View Contact



Having trouble viewing this email? Click here

Wicked Windows on Winton!


Businesses Along Winton Road


Sunday October 24, 2010 at 1:00 AM EDT


Sunday October 31, 2010 at 12:15 AM EDT

Add to my calendar

Halloween is fast approaching and many businesses along the Winton Road corridor are painted for the occasion! Springfield Township is proud to announce the beginning of the annual Wicked Windows on Winton Halloween window painting contest featuring the talented students of Finneytown Middle and High School! Beginning this Sunday, visitors can tour the participating business windows and vote for their favorite one.

This year, the artwork of 20 students on 16 business windows can be voted upon. Participating businesses include:

Athena Foods - Painted by Brandon Jump

Curves - Painted by Karah Dillingham

Jansi Dry Cleaners - Painted by Keith Scholz

Donatos Pizza - Painted by Abby Oakman

Sibcy Cline - Painted by Bradley Frey and Ryan Hughes

Woody's Express Car Wash - Painted by Jordan Hughes

LaRosa's - Painted by Maddie Baker and Alaena Hoover

Powel Crosley, Jr. YMCA - Painted by Robert Roland

WesBanco - Painted by Nima Tamang

Liberty Tax - Painted by Emily Popp & Maria Galioto

Wendy's (window #1) - Painted by Courtney Chambers

Advance Auto Parts - Painted by Jason Zhang

Meals To Go - Painted by Corine Saul

Brueggers - Painted by Sami Zimmer

Wendy's Window #2 - Painted by Julie Weisenberger & Tory Owens

Graeters - Painted by Anisha Silva

Voting begins on Sunday, October 24th and runs through October 31st at midnight. There are two ways to vote, online at or by calling 522-2108. Only one vote by phone and one vote online per person. The student with the most votes will win $50 in cash! (Cash award and painting supplies all donated by the participating businesses.) The winning window will be announced on November 1, 2010.

Vote Online Starting October 24th!

Photographs of the painted windows will be online starting October 26th.

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Springfield Township
9150 Winton Road

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hunting Laws in Finneytown

Greetings on this lovely Fall day. I am sharing this email below from a resident questioning the Finneytown (deer) hunting laws. You may be surprised at what the laws allow.

If any of you want to help the Finneytown Civic Association address this issue, please email or call me at 325--5202.

Joe Gorman, FCA President

> Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010 16:51:23 -0700 (PDT)
> Hello,
> I was given your name from a friend. I have lived in Finneytown my entire life,
> and my family when they came from Italy they chose Finneytown because it
> reminded them of their homeland. I own property in Finneytown my home and 8
> acres of land near St. Xavier high school, this has been in my family since
> 1942. Needless to say I was recently shocked when my son went hiking with his
> brother and two friends and came upon hunters. they were hunting on my property.
> I contacted the police and today I found out it is legal to hunt within 1000
> feet of a structure in Finneytown! This means if an animal was shot and wondered
> onto my property or even yours the hunter will follow it and wait for it to
> die.
> So I am asking you to please address this issue ASAP!! The Springfield Township
> Police were also shocked, but it was affirmed by the police Chief. I am trying
> to get the word out so we can stop this and change the law. This is just a
> warning for all in Finneytown, this includes bow hunting (that is what they were
> doing on my property) and GUN hunting. Be careful!
> Sincerely
> Regina Shatzer

Monday, October 18, 2010

Comprehensive Neighborhood Master Plan

View Place representatives: Jeff Dean, Donna Saul

Jeff Dean and I attended a presentation that focused on a master plan for Finneytown. While most of the plans are only a "vision" of what Finneytown might look like in 20 years, I can tell you that most of it is good news because it addresses the "front door" to Springfield Township and incorporates a shared vision of a self-sustainable community that does not rely on heavy property tax increases.

A while ago, Springfield Township hired the consultant team from Kinzelman Kline Gossman, Front Street Analytics, Graydon Head, KZF Design, to begin outlining a re-development plan for all the neighborhoods in Springfield Township.

After looking at the core areas throughout the township, residents surveys that were conducted over the past 2 years, and existing conditions of the Finneytown area, they were able to determine that what we were lacking in was an "identity" and a need for a town center for Springfield Township that promoted the kind of business development we want for our area.

It was determined that Finneytown was the ideal location for this "proposed town center "because of it's proximity to the RR Highway, centralized location in township, population, and buying power. While most of the plans were just a "vision" it made sense for the Township to begin drawing up plans for the future that would help us become self-sustaining rather than relying on property taxes for improvements. (Looking at the roads and failure the previous tax levies, it makes sense.)

The plan we looked at was fragmented comercial corridor that ran parallel to Winton Road starting at the Graeter's ice cream plaza area and ended at the Greek Church. The following influences determined the design of the space:

Residential neighborhoods
Institutions like St. X and P&G
Direct access to RR Hwy
Larger floorplate for pedestrian, bicycle traffic
Cultural landmarks

The plan would help enhance the neighborhood -- north connectivity -- and
mixed use of neighborhood and commercial use of existing land.

Included were:

Development business pods with green space
Garlbraith Road redevelopment
Winton cultural nodes
Connecting St. X and P&G parkway
Alternative connections for the neighborhoods to maintain feel of neighborhood
Green infrastructure

The Town Center would be self-sustaining for neighborhood serving retail - smaller destinations mixed residential -

It was explained that to fufill this vision, certain zoning restrictions along Winton Road that include green spaces in front would be needed to attract developers to invest in our community.

Most of the plans --- were met with a lot of enthusiasm with few exceptions.

There will be more news about this earlier this year ...

Friday, October 08, 2010

Roads in View Place ....

Due to the failed levy attempts and the limited budget resources, we discussed a plan for road improvements in south Finneytown. Right now, each street is rated for it's condition and it looks like we're not going to get any major work done in area except to fill in where cracks are most obvious.

The township officials proposed that each neighborhood had two directions to go in to resolve the road repair issues. One was that monies could be collected from individual property tax levies in each neighborhood to support it's road repairs. Two, we could continue with township-wide levies and get nowhere.

We'll hear more on this later. Please try attending the Springfield Township meeting or catch the meetings on Waycross.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Second Public Hearing Regarding Rental Inspections

The Second Public Hearing Regarding Proposed Interior Rental Inspections Will Take Place on Tuesday, October 12, 2010
At the Springfield Township Administration Complex
(Allen Paul Room)
9150 Winton Road

(Springfield Township, Hamilton County, Ohio, October 6, 2010) The Springfield Township Board of Trustees will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 5:30 p.m. in the in the Administration Building, 9150 Winton Road on a proposed resolution amending the Township's Property Maintenance Code to include interior maintenance regulations for rental properties. The proposed interior regulations, if adopted, will only apply to single family and duplex residential rental structures and the existing premises on which those structures are located.

The rental inspection program is in response to the growing concern regarding the increase of rental properties in the Township and absentee landlords. If adopted, landlords will be held responsible for basic health and safety standards on their properties and would be required to have annual interior inspections conducted to ensure compliance with the interior maintenance standards.

Residents attending the public hearing will be permitted to address the Board of Trustees in support or opposition of the proposed amendments.

The Board of Trustees regular meeting will be held at the conclusion of the public hearing.

The public hearing and the meeting will be aired live on Waycross Public Access, Channel 23.

· View the proposed maintenance code here. (Includes the existing exterior codes for all residential properties, as well as the new rental inspection codes marked in red.)

· View the proposed rental inspection plan

· View the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the rental inspection proposal he

Monday, August 16, 2010

Church for Sale

Some of you have already heard through the grapevine that the Apostolic Covenant Church is for sale. I talked with the Pastor and one of his associates to let him know how sorry I was to hear about the move. They have been good neighbors here and like any good neighbor moving away, we are always sad to see them go.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Springfield Township July/August Newsletter

Springfield Township Newsletter

July/August 2010
Issue 11

Dear View Place Neighbors,

Since 2006 we have enjoyed seeing the results of saving our residents money with the Township's utilities aggregation programs. Ten years ago, we would never have imagined that local government would have the opportunity to help residents with utility expenses by purchasing our gas and electric as a group - instead of as an individual homeowner. To date, residents and small businesses have saved in excess of $2 million on electric bills from that program's inception in June 2009. The gas program has saved residents over $678,000 since it's inception in 2006. You will be happy to know that we have locked in a rate of 5.70 cents per kWh for all electric consumed during the billing months of February 2011 through January 2012. This rate is 17.2% lower than last year and could save you over $450 per year if Duke Energy's current average rate for generation charges remains unchanged.

We are always looking to find ways to save tax dollars, and to save residents and small businesses money in any way possible. We hope you are enjoying a bit of the savings - as we crank up the air conditioning in this 90 degree weather!


Your Trustees -

Joseph Honerlaw, Gwen McFarlin and Tom Bryan

Link to learn more about the Township's Aggregation Program

Electric Aggregation
Second Document Shredding Event
Summer Concert Series
Winton Road Streetscape
Master Plan Update


Springfield Township officials would like to remind residents and small businesses to look for a notice that has recently been mailed concerning the new rate for the electric aggregation program supplied by Dominion Retail. Members in the program are being offered a very low fixed-rate of 5.70 cents per kWh for all electric consumed during the billing months of February 2011 through January 2012.

This offer is substantially better than a recent offer mailed to residents participating in the Township aggregation program by Duke Retail of 6.39 cents per KWh for the remainder of 2010 and 2011.

"Duke's offer is both misleading and inaccurate," said Township Trustee Joe Honerlaw. "Duke Retail fails to inform residents that the Township's aggregation program will offer a price in 2011 that is nearly 11% lower than the Duke Retail price offer. Therefore, residents who switch to Duke Retail will actually pay more for electric than if they remain in the Township's program," added Mr. Honerlaw.

Township Administrator, Michael Hinnenkamp strongly urges Township residents to call the Township to ensure they understand the complete picture and consequences of switching to Duke Retail's offer before doing so. "We've been working with our aggregation consultant Independent Energy Consultants, Inc. and have been watching the wholesale electric market very closely. We sought bids to continue our electric program now, because energy prices are very attractive. Duke Retail has been invited to participate as a supplier in our program since its inception but has chosen not to participate." Hinnenkamp added, "It is unfortunate that they have chosen to send out a letter promising savings to our residents when the result of switching will actually result in higher cost. Our program has provided an excellent alternative to Duke Energy's electric generation supply charges which currently average 9.43 cents per kWh. Collectively, participants in our program have saved over $2 million in our first year with Dominion Retail," he added.

Richard Zelenko, Dominion Retail Vice President said, "We're pleased to continue to serve the residents of Springfield Township. Current participants should look for an opt-out notice from Dominion Retail that was mailed late last week. These account holders will remain enrolled in the program for another year starting with February 2011 billing, unless they contact Dominion Retail and ask not to be included."

A Second Document Shredding Program Scheduled For Residents of Springfield Township
July 31, 2010 9:00a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

On Saturday, May 22, The Springfield Township Police Department hosted a document shredding event designed to help residents prevent identity theft. An industrial sized mobile shredding truck parked at the Administration complex to destroy personal files. The demand for the program exceeded all expectations! Over ten thousand pounds of documents were shredded during the four-hour event. Unfortunately, many were turned away after the truck was filled to capacity. With the encouragement of residents, The Springfield Township Police Department and Board of Trustees will host a second shredding event on Saturday, July 31. The event will take place in the back lot - closest to the Grove Banquet Hall at 9158 Winton Road. Residents may drive up to have professionals dispose of personal and confidential documents on site. No need to remove binder covers, folders, paper clips, or staples because the industrial shredders will easily cut through them. All shredded documents will be recycled. This service is for residents of the Township only and proof of residency will be required.The shredding will take place from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., or when the truck is filled to capacity, whichever comes first. Please expect a line, and you are advised to bring a rolling cart or a dolly for heavy boxes.

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States, according to the FBI. Approximately 7 million Americans become victims of identity theft each year. Help protect yourself and your family from identity theft by having your personal and confidential documents safely destroyed.

To protect your identity, it is recommended that you should shred:
Obsolete tax documents
Bank statements including cancelled checks
Credit card statements and credit card receipts and credit card offers
Financial account statements
Insurance documents
Business records
Any documents you want safely destroyed and recycled!

This service is only offered to residents, not businesses.

Public Meeting Announcement:
Wood Boilers

A public meeting will be held by the Springfield Township Board of Trustees on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. regarding the use of wood boilers on residential property in the Township. The Board will listen to residents with concerns and validations for wood boilers. This hearing is intended to listen to both sides of the debate, prior to consideration of placing any restrictions or bans on these systems. The meeting will take place in the Administration Complex at 9150 Winton Road. (The Allen Paul Room)

Enjoy the Summer with Springfield Township's Summer Concert Series!

Springfield Township's kicked off its free summer concert series in June. Here's more about the upcoming concerts for July and August:

Thursday, July 22
Cincinnati Civic Orchestra
Eleven Decades of Broadway
Pre-show and Dinner at 5:30 p.m (Dinner reservations must be made in advance)
Concert: 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
**Will be held indoors at the Grove Banquet Hall

The Cincinnati Civic Orchestra was founded in 1929 and made its performance debut the following year. The orchestra is one of the oldest all-volunteer groups in the United States and has provided Cincinnati area musicians with the opportunity to make music together for almost eighty years. As part of their charter, they are committed to continuing to provide Cincinnati area residents with FREE public concerts. The concert, being held at the Grove Banquet Hall, will feature the best and most memorable tunes of Broadway! Sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Unique to this event, the Township is offering a dinner, complete with pre-show entertainment by cool jazz musician, Dan Jackson.
View the menu online now.
Register now for dinner.

Thursday, August 5
Ohio Military Band
7:00 p.m. - 8:45 p.m.
Will be held on the back deck of the Senior/Community Center
Food: TBA

The Ohio Military Band is the oldest community band in the Cincinnati. It has been in existence since 1904, with roots tracing back to the 1854! Those attending the show can expect a beautiful variety of musical styles, including marches, classics, show tunes, and more.

All of the community concerts are made possible through the donation of services by the performing group. For more information, call 522-1410 or visit

Could Springfield Township Have Its Own Community Improvement Foundation?
Would you be interested in serving on a board?

It's an exciting buzz that is positively contagious! It seems residents in Springfield Township have recently been more interested than ever to make a difference in their community! This energized interest has been witnessed in countless small projects around our community that have been coordinated by residents just like you. We have most recently seen park improvements and small beautification projects taking shape. In the month of August, a local church will come together to paint street sign posts and trash cans. Another is working on a clean streams effort to reduce local waterway pollution. It's an amazing thing we are witnessing in our community and it is only the beginning of bigger and better things ahead. With the recent interest, discussions have begun on the creation of a new nonprofit community organization with the goal of raising funds to support community activities and neighborhood revitalization projects. If you would like to share your talents and participate in the creation of a Springfield Township improvement foundation, please send an email with your contact information to

Space Still Left For Springfield Township Junior Fire Academy!

The Junior Fire Academy camp program still has openings for kids between the ages of 13-17. This exciting program takes place July 26 - 30 (Monday-Thursday) 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. on Friday and is geared towards young teens who may have an interest in being a firefighter. Students will participate in hands-on fire safety activities. The program includes suiting up in firefighter's gear, breathing from a SCBA, using auto extrication equipment, fire extinguisher training and basic first aid and CPR. The camp is FREE and open to Springfield Township residents only. This is a unique and rare opportunity that any teen would benefit from!
Register online now.

Winton Road
Steetscape Soon To Get Finishing Touches!

As part of the Winton Road construction project, decorative light poles and fencing enhancements over Cross County Highway were planned to provide a welcoming "sense of place" in the community, specifically to the main shopping district in Springfield Township. Businesses and residents alike have been anticipating the completion of this project.

What Has Been Done:
The bases and electric connections for the light poles were put in place during the construction period last fall. The actual installation of the light poles has been slightly delayed due to a lengthy grant process that Township Trustees researched and applied for. Their hard work and wait payed off! Springfield Township was awarded the grant which will pay for more than 80% of the cost for the decorative elements in the streetscape plan.

What is Next and What is the Timeline:
Conditions of the state grant require that the project be managed by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and was subject to their bidding process. The streetscape project was bid in mid-June and later awarded to the lowest bidder. The accepted bid came in significantly less than the original estimate. The contractor has set the streetscape schedule and plans to have all projects completed this fall.

Road closure announcements from Hamilton County Engineers Office

Springfield Township received notice of a road closure for construction. The following press release is being passed on:

William W. Brayshaw, the Hamilton County Engineer, announced the closing of Shadybrook Drive, just west of Vine Street (SR 4) in Springfield Township. Work being performed by Langenheim & Thomson is a bridge replacement and is anticipated to last until August 20, 2010 (weather permitting).

Problems/questions should be directed to either Dave Langenheim with Langenheim & Thomson at 272-0022 or to Tom Brayshaw with the Hamilton County Engineer at 946-8419. For information on other Hamilton County projects, please visit

Neighborhood Master Plan - A Consultant Has Been Hired!

The Neighborhood Master Plan is at the halfway point of completion. Four out of the scheduled seven resident-based steering committee meetings have been held to develop strategies for improvement. These meetings have resulted in plans for steps to financial stability, marketing and improved communications, community services, and ways for dealing with specific issues in law enforcement. The upcoming meetings will focus on neighborhood stability and infrastructure. The Township has hired the urban design firm KKG to assist in the analysis of market conditions and in the development of specific neighborhood land use and redevelopment plans. The final plan will be unveiled to the public at the State of the Township address in February, 2011.

Going on Vacation? Call The Springfield Township Police Department

Did you know that the Springfield Township Police Department offers a service whereby you can call them to check on your house while your gone on vacation? Call 729-1300, give them the dates you will be gone and an officer will check on your home while you are away. Its a great service that many residents take advantage of - but many more may not be aware of!

Theft From Unlocked Vehicles

There has been an increase in media coverage lately regarding thefts from unlocked vehicles in the Tri-State area. Most of these news articles have involved communities surrounding the City of Cincinnati. Unfortunately, Springfield Township is not immune to this activity and the Police Department has seen an increase in these types of thefts in all areas of the Township. Most of these thefts are avoidable because they are crimes of opportunity. Our officers are working daily to not only solve the thefts that have already occurred, but also to prevent future thefts from occurring. As summer gets into full swing, we would like residents to keep the following things in mind when leaving their vehicles unattended in parking lots or driveways.

1) Always lock your car doors and make sure that windows and sunroofs are closed.
As stated before, most of these crimes are crimes of opportunity. Thieves will target a car with the doors unlocked or the windows down before they will take the chance of breaking a window or using other means of force to get into a car that might alert people to their activity.

2) Keep valuables and electronic devices out of site, including related power cords.

If a thief is walking down the street or through a parking lot and can see items of value in your vehicle, in their mind, the risk of having someone hear them break a window is worth the reward of getting an expensive MP3 player or a GPS unit. Thieves will also break into a car if they see the power cords for items such as GPS devices or phone chargers. They will break into the car in hopes that the actual units are still in the vehicle. Make sure that you take expensive equipment out of your car if you are parking it outside overnight or if you are going to leave your car unattended for some time. At a minimum, hide the equipment and cords out of sight in the vehicle if you can't put them somewhere else. Also be aware of loose change, wallets, or purses that are in plain sight.

3) Be aware of expensive stereo equipment visible in your car

The Township Police has arrested individuals in the past who have indicated that they broke into specific cars and stole the stereo equipment inside because they knew that it was there. They knew that the equipment was in the car because they saw or heard the owner of the car driving it with the stereo turned up loud. If you have expensive equipment in the car, remove the stereo faceplate and keep it out of sight or inside the house. Keep in mind that Springfield Township, like most communities, has a loud noise ordinance which restricts loud noise that is audible from a vehicle by more than fifty feet away.

4) Report suspicious activity in your neighborhood to the police right away

In last month, our officers have arrested individuals in three separate incidents where people were breaking into cars at night. In one of those cases, a person called our department to let us know that there were suspicious persons on the street late at night. The caller thought that the kids might be going through unlocked cars. Officers patrolled the area and located two kids who were subsequently arrested for breaking into a car and taking stereo equipment from it. Had the officers not received the call, the suspicious kids may have never been arrested for the theft and the owner may still be trying to recover the property.

Many people feel that the activity that they have witnessed is not important enough to call the police about or that it is too late at night to bother the police so they will call in the morning. Often times, had the call been made when the activity was witnessed, there would have been a good chance of stopping the criminal activity and making an arrest. Don't hesitate to call if you see something that does not look right.

Keeping these simple things in mind will not guarantee that you will not become a victim of a theft. It will, however, make thieves think twice about victimizing you. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact the Springfield Township Police Department at 729-1300.

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Personal History Writing Workshop Offered at the Springfield Township Senior/Community Center

Your life experiences could fill a book! Love and loss, hard work and fun, choices and challenges, heroes and villains, mistakes and lessons - your life has all of these elements. It is an amazing story, and you are the best one to tell it!

The Springfield Township Senior/Community Center is launching a new writing program designed to help you discover new ways to look at your life experiences and ways to share and preserve them for future generations through a Personal History Writing Workshop. This four-week workshop, conducted by Mary Ann Mayers, owner of Extraordinary Lives, will help you chronicle several stories and build the momentum to continue saving and sharing stories with family and friends.

The Personal History Writing Workshop will be held at the Senior/Community Center from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesdays, August 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th. Cost for the series is $40 for Springfield Township residents and $50 for non-residents. Participants will need a 3-ring binder and pen for each class.

Register Now!
Registrations may be taken online, over the phone at 513-522-1154 513-522-1154 or by e-mail to Please note that a 4% fee applies to online credit card payments by PayPal.

Community Garage Sale Recap

Springfield Township hosted its second annual Community Garage Sale on June 5. The event attracted over 1,200 shoppers! Upon completion of the event, one and a half semi-trucks full of donations were collected for Goodwill. All in all, it was a great event!

Watch the NEW "Talking With Springfield Township" Episode on Waycross

Waycross Airs "Talking With Springfield Township"

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An overview of Township projects from Administrator, Mike Hinnenkamp:
Aggregation programs saving residents money

Winton Road streetscape progress

Project efficiency to save money

Master Plan Update

· Marilyn Pappas and Lt. Kevin Richards from the Township Fire Department go over the warning signs for a heart attack and demonstrate the effectiveness in the technology carried on the ambulances.

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July 13
Trustee Meeting at 5:30 p.m.

July 22
Dinner & Concert with the Cincinnati Civic Orchestra
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July 23, 24 & 26
St Bartholomew's Festival

July 31
Springfield Township Resident Document Shredding Program (FREE!)

August 5
Free Community Concert -
Ohio Military Band

August 10
Trustee Meeting 5:30 p.m.

August 18
Public meeting on wood boilers

Submitted Announcements

The Winton Woods School District is looking for host
families for the Global Youth Leadership Camp. The camp dates are from July 12-23rd, 8:45-3:30 at the Winton Woods Intermediate School. The students will need their own bed (not their own room), transportation to and from the camp, and a packed lunch. They have medical insurance and their own spending money. PLEASE consider opening your home to one or more of the Chinese won't regret it! Contact Mimi Khayo, at for more info.


Volleyball coach needed: Hamilton County Math and Science Academy is looking for an experienced volleyball coach to coach 7TH and 8TH grade girls. Please forward resume to 2675 Civic Center Drive, Cincinnati , Ohio 45231 or send an email

Dr. Alan Robertson, who has been Interim Superintendent of the Finneytown Local School District for six months, was named superintendent.

Finneytown faculty and staff learned of his appointment at the annual faculty-staff end of year district meeting on Monday, June 7. The board met at a specially called Board of Education meeting on June 2 and offered the position to Dr. Robertson. He was given a two-year contract upon his formal appointment on June 21, 2010 at the Board of Education meeting.

Introducing Dr. Robertson to the staff, Finneytown Board of Education vice president Laura Horn said that while the board was sad to see the former superintendent leave, "We felt confident that Dr. Alan Robertson would step up to the plate and assist us to the end of the school year."

She added that although the board had to fill a vacant board seat, pass a levy and then find a superintendent, "Alan was there every step of the way during the past six months. This speaks volumes of his dedication and commitment to Finneytown schools, the teachers and the community."

Robertson received a standing ovation as he took the stage to shake hands with Mrs. Horn.

Dr. Robertson thanked the board and the staff then addressed the crowd, "Our community - not just the parents of the students, but the community - cares about our schools. We still have to be under the guise of fiscal responsibility. The community has invested in us and we have an expectation to make sure that the parents and non-parents know what we're doing. We're good but we're going to get better, because that's what the community expects of us."
Waycross Community Media is offering area boy scouts the opportunity to earn up to three merit badges this summer - Cinematography, Photography, and Communications.
Each badge will require attendance at three sessions over three days. The schedule is as follows:
Cinematography: August 17, 18, 19 from 9 AM 10:15 AM
Photography: August 17, 18, 19 from 10:30 AM to 11:45 AM
Communications: August 17, 18, 19 from 12 PM - 1:15 PM
To register, visit For more information, contact Heather Wiltse at 825-2429 or

Ohio Missing Children Clearinghouse 2009 Annual Report, now available online

View the 2009 Report here

In 2009, more than 20,000 missing child reports were filed by parents or guardians in Ohio; more than 700 of those were for children under the age of 12. While 97% of the children were eventually recovered safely, thousands of parents were forced to face their worst nightmare.

The Ohio Missing Children Clearinghouse has worked with parents and schools for almost 20 years to keep kids safe. The Ohio Attorney General's office operates the Clearinghouse, which compiles data on missing children, acts as a liaison with law enforcement and partners with the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to train and provide educational materials to teachers, parents, children and law enforcement. Additionally, the clearinghouse issues Missing Child Alerts and Missing Adult Alerts, coordinates with law enforcement in the issuance of AMBER Alerts and works to raise awareness of the problems surrounding runaway children, human trafficking, kidnapping and missing adults.

The Ohio Attorney General's Office has also produced the Kids Safety Passport, a useful tool for parents to record their child's personal identification information including fingerprints and social networking site login and password information. It is available at no cost from the office by calling the Attorney General's Help Center at (800) 282-0515 (800) 282-0515 . The Kids Safety Passport can also be found online .(Click on underscore)

Pass it on!
Many residents are not signed up to receive e-news from the Township. Pass this email along to your neighbors and encourage them to register for news and event updates.

If you are interested in volunteering for special events, let us know! Email your name, address, phone number and areas of interest.

Forward email


From: Samiya Sebastian
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2010 19:41:33 +0000
To: Kim Flamm
Cc: Ami Brown
Subject: RE: No Cost Mammograms


I’m Samiya Sebastian, from the mobile mammography van, and we’re having an event on July 24th, 2010 at Rink’s Flea Market. We’re providing No-Cost Mammograms from 9:00a-2:00p. No-Cost means co-pays will be covered for those who have insurance and complete cost will be covered for those without. I have attached a flyer; please share it with women 35+. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email.

Samiya Sebastian, Health Education Intern
898 Walnut Street YWCA of Greater Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
513.361.2157 (p)

Friday, July 09, 2010

Township Newsletter

From: Samiya Sebastian
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2010 19:41:33 +0000
To: Kim Flamm
Cc: Ami Brown
Subject: RE: No Cost Mammograms


I’m Samiya Sebastian, from the mobile mammography van, and we’re having an event on July 24th, 2010 at Rink’s Flea Market. We’re providing No-Cost Mammograms from 9:00a-2:00p. No-Cost means co-pays will be covered for those who have insurance and complete cost will be covered for those without. I have attached a flyer; please share it with women 35+. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email.

Samiya Sebastian, Health Education Intern
898 Walnut Street YWCA of Greater Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
513.361.2157 (p)

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

What is the View Place Civic Association?

For the new neighbors here in View Place, the View Place Civic Association goes back to about 1958 or so and was at one time a very active neighborhood group that offered neighborhood social events while also serving as a liaison to Springfield Township government.

The point of continuing this tradition in View Place is to keep in touch with each other about changes within the township and right here in the neighborhood. For example, it was brought to our attention recently that the Apostolic Covenant Church is selling their church and property which may or may not impact the neighborhood depending on how you look at it. As a "neighborhood association," we'll have plenty time to rally in the event the impact is greater than what a single neighbor can handle.

Currently, we have a President (Donna Saul), Vice President (Bill Merusi), Treasurer (Jeff Dean), and Secretary (Sue Hummer)continuing several VPCA traditions of attending township meetings, updating the neighborhood phone directory, having an Egg Hunt every Spring, inviting the police and fire departments to our small parade every 4th of July, maintaining two-season flower boxes at designated intersections, and collecting annual dues of $10.00 per residence every few years.

We also take requests, positions needed, and "help wanted" for yard work, snow removal, leaf raking, and babysitting. We also have a resident handyman, Roland Arrowood, who is available on call for emergencies.

As always, suggestions and ideas are accepted as long as people are willing to follow through on their own suggestion and ideas. Right now, we are looking for someone to manage this web blog and we are looking for street captains to update information in the directory last printed in 2002. (Most of the kids who were listed as babysitters and snow shovellers in that last directory have moved on and are probably raising a family of their own by now.)

The View Place Civic Association is not a replacement for the responsibility individual residents have to stay informed and keep in touch with the township officials and administrators. Even though Springfield Township makes every attempt providing current information and updates in the community through their meetings and web page, our job as a neighborhood civic association should be looking out for our neighborhood and neighbors.

July 4th Parade in View Place

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

News from the Township

The neighborhood steering committee is made up of residents throughout Springfield Township who were in attendance at a township information sharing meeting held back in 2009. It was at that time that this group of people volunteered to participate on a steering committee that would be responsible for getting the "word out" to their respective neighborhoods one of which was View Place. Currently, Jeff (Dean) on View Place, Donna (Saul) on Deanview, Bill (Merusi) on Blossom Hills, and Pat (Kramer) on Bruce Hills have been in attendance to at least one of the those meetings so if you know any of these people, please feel free to ask them for more information.

Most of what is discussed at the meetings has been made available on the Springfield Township web page ( See Neighborhood Steering Committee news and here on this blog so feel free to navigate on your own to review the meeting agenda and discussions. In general, most of the planning and ideas are coming from residents like yourself who have been attending the trustee meetings, state of the township meetings, information sharing meetings, or residents who are watching community access cable stations.

During the original neighborhood meetings, a few reoccurring themes in crime/safety were communicated by residents. Specifically, residents in every neighborhood singled out problems of vicious dogs, neighborhood parking violations, and negative or criminal juvenile activity.

We were provided with recommendations for the master plan regarding these three issues and were asked to accept, reject or modify the recommendations. Knowing that crime and police related issues are not the same in every neighborhood, the township had taken the time to analyze the neighborhood-specific data and brainstorm possibilities that would be pertinent to our specific neighborhood issues.

On hand at this meeting tonight were law enforcement officers assigned to every neighborhood steering committee to answer questions and provide feedback. We had Chief Dave for Finneytown South.

What I learned from a presentation given by Chief Dave of the Springfield Township Police Department was that crime in Finneytown is down 22%. Overall, the township is also seeing a decrease in crime activity by 26%. Great news!

The Chief also presented recommendations for parking resolutions due to all the complaints and concerns they've been receiving over the years. Since most of the parking issues in View Place are about "zoning" we didn't have much to contribute other than our ongoing concerns about dogs and the few neighbors who drive faster than what our speed limit allows.

The parking recommendation that were shared with the steering committee was as follows:

"Pass New Comprehensive Parking Resolution tht resinds all previous parking resolutions and creates new parking regulations, by sections, fire lane, and special parking restrictions on certain streets (as previously have been adopted), 72 hour parking regulation, snow emergency, commericial vehicle prohibition and temporary parking for construction pods and dumpsters.

- Parking on the street would be limited to 72 hours
- Parking of commecial vehicles would be prohibited
- Parking on the unpaved portion of ROW would be prohibited
- Allow for the special permitting for the placement of dumpsters and PODs for construction projects when the placement in the yard is not feasible"

Another topic was about dogs and the concern that many neighbors had with dogs that are not restrained and pose a safety issue for neighbors. It was recommended that they focus on creating a resolution about the "behavior" of the dog rather than the "breed" of the dog which I supported 100% due to the complaint I've been receiving about 2 dogs that are getting out of the "invisible fence" at the end of Beechtree.

Another topic was about finding ways to engage our youth more into the community. The Fire Department, for example, made a recommendation to create a pilot program that identifies at least 10 "at risk for dropping out of school" or "at risk for drug abuse or gang violence" by partnering with area schools in the township.

The next steering committee meeting is planned for August.

Updates from the Neighborhood Steering Committee Meeting"

There are many View Place residents who are not registered with the Springfield Twp. CODE RED program for emergency calling. If you want to be notified in the event in the emergency, you need to register through the website:


The PDF presentation wasn't available before the meeting so I'll post later what was shared at the meeting tonight. The news is good here in Finneytown. Due to the additional services and protections currently offered by the Police and Fire departments, it was reported that there was a big decrease in crime in our area:

Township-wide crimes for the first half of 2010 was 394. Township-wide crimes for first half 0f 2009 495 which means there is a 26% decrease overall. In 2010, Finneytown South crimes were 25 and 32 in 2009which means 22.5% decrease overall.

New Resolution about Dogs: Going After Dog Complaints

The police are writing a new resolution to protect neighbors from menacing dogs focusing on impounding the "bad behavior"of the dog (bites, attacks, etc.) and not the breed.


Police are working on resolutions about street parking that will bring it up to date. There will be a 72 hour limit for street parking in designated areas.

Youth Activity

The Fire Department will be focusing creating mentoring programs with students at who are at risk for dropping out of school.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Expanding Springfield Twp. Role in Community:

Plan/GoalsInternal Marketing – Resident Retention/Quality of Life
Inform and make aware to increase community involvement
Provide "good news" stories and experiences to improve image and bring awareness to current residents

External Marketing
Attract new residents and promote home ownership
Economic Development
Improve Website Information and Land Use Availability Data Base
Retain Existing Businesses
Attract New Businesses and Investment
The Grove Banquet Hall and Senior Center
Increase Rental Revenues by marketing as moderately priced facility with superior amenities in competitor class

Brush Service (Had to discontinue service due to loss in revenue & sustainability)

Options Evaluated:
Restore to Original Service – Unlimited 32 Week Service
Reduce Months June-Aug
Reduce Months and Offer Service One Week a Month
Reduce Months and Offer Service by District
Offer Service for a Fee as Subscription Service
Allow Drop-off Service

Do Not Restore the Service (Cannot justify the cost due to reduced revenues)

Cost and Long Term Sustainability
Difficulty Staffing Service – Unpredictable Demand Levels
Over 280 Miles of Road Frontage
Geographic Area of the Township
Confusion of Service/Fairness in Pay for Service
High Cost for Percentage of Users
No other Township in Hamilton County Provides
Service has already been eliminated
Hamilton County Offers Free Brush Drop-Off (Rumpke)

Working With Schools:

Working With Schools Recommendations
Communication/Collaboration/Saving Tax Dollars
Initiate a variety of opportunities where relationships between school administrators and the Township can evolve. The dialogue may result in a collaboration of activities, shared resources, or the consolidation of supplies, service agreements, and initiatives

Community in the Classroom
Create volunteer projects and classroom experiences for students within our public districts and parochial schools.


Garbage Collection (Aggregation) Recommendations
Residents currently contract on their own for garbage collection service
Ohio Law allows for the Township to select and contract with a sole source garbage collection and dumping facility to provide this service to residents (at their own cost) thereby eliminating residents right to choose their own service

The Township should join a local consortium of 10 other local governments to contract residential garbage collection and other related services such as recycling through sole source garbage collection company in attempt to provide residents with a lower cost

Overview of Services offered by Township

Service Dept./Parks/Fleet

Director (1FT)
Roads (8 FT) (2PT)
Buildings (1FT) (1PT)
Parks (3 FT) (7 Seasonal Summer)
Fleet ( 2 FT)
Budget: (Includes Personnel, Capital, Material and Equipment)
Roads and Service Related = $2,297,000
Parks Buildings and Grounds = $689,000
Fleet = $208,000

Road Maintenance
Snow Removal
Sign Maintenance
Stormwater and Drainage Repairs
ROW Maintenance
Project Inspection
ROW Tree Removal

Fire Protection:

Fire/EMS Department
Command Staff (4 FT)
Full-Time FF/Paramedics (28)
Part-Time Paramedics (35)
Part-Time EMTs (30)
Budget: (Includes Personnel, Capital, Material and Equipment)
EMS Division Accredited by Cincinnati Academy of Medicine
ISO Rating of 3

Senior Services:

Senior/Community Services
Director (1FT)
Facility Monitors (3PT)
Bartender/Event Facilitator (2PT)
Budget: (Includes Personnel, Capital, Material and Equipment)
2010 Rental Income Anticipated at $160,000

Development Services Dept.
Director (1FT) (Also Serves as Assistant Township Administrator)
Office Manager/Clerk (1FT)
Code Enforcement Officers (3 PT)
Budget: (Includes Personnel, Material and Equipment)
2010 Permit Fee Revenue Anticipated at $18,000

Police Services:

Police Department/DART
Command Staff (4 FT)
Communications (5 FT)
Support (2 FTE)
Road Patrol (35 FT, 3 PT)
Detectives/Vice/SRO (11 FT)
Budget: (Includes Personnel, Capital and Equipment)
$8,157,000 (PD)
$232,000 (DART) (Includes Grants and Member Jurisdiction Fees)
Nationally Accredited since 1999

Road Patrol
Criminal Investigations (Detectives)
Communications/Records (Dispatch)
School Resource
Community Programs
Block Watch, Citizens Police Academy, Citizens on Patrol, Community Awareness Seminars, CERT

Development Services Dept.Staffing:
Director (1FT) (Also Serves as Assistant Township Administrator)
Office Manager/Clerk (1FT)
Code Enforcement Officers (3 PT)
Budget: (Includes Personnel, Material and Equipment)
2010 Permit Fee Revenue Anticipated at $18,000

Senior/Community Services
Director (1FT)
Facility Monitors (3PT)
Bartender/Event Facilitator (2PT)
Budget: (Includes Personnel, Capital, Material and Equipment)
2010 Rental Income Anticipated at $160,000

Community Programming and Events
Hall Rentarogramming and Activities
Senior Programming (At Facility – Done by Others)
Meals on Wheels

News from the Neighborhood

June 3rd will be taking bids for the final streetscape project on Winton Road. Streetlights, flower baskets, and banners which will be controlled by ODOT.

Galbraith Road will be closed westbound to finish up the county construction project. If you have complaints, it's an issue you need to take up with the county. Springfield Twp. has limits to what can be done on this road.

Great American clean up was successful with 178 volunteers!

ID Theft Program - Police dept. just completed a theft program.

Results from Township Survey:

Results of Neighborhood Meetings


Excellent Services (Police, Fire & Service)
Good Neighbors
Low Crime
Good Place to Raise Kids
Greenspace (Parks & Trees)
Road Conditions
Results of Neighborhood Meetings
Barking Dogs – Pit Bulls
Property Maintenance – Vacant Housing
Section 8 – Rental Property
Youth Activities
School Issues – taxes
Street Maintenance – Repairs – Sidewalks
Economic Development
High Taxes

Barking Dogs – Pit Bulls
Property Maintenance – Vacant Housing
Section 8 – Rental Property
Youth Activities
School Issues – taxes
Street Maintenance – Repairs – Sidewalks
Economic Development
High Taxes

Strategic Neighborhood Action Plan

Taking Our Community from Vision to Reality

Like many first-ring suburbs, Springfield Township is faced with both tremendous opportunities and difficult challenges. In order to meet these challenges and preserve the distinctive character, services and quality of life that our residents have come to expect and appreciate, the Board of Trustees together with our staff and a cross section of community representatives have worked hard in recent years towards the creation of a Township Vision Plan. The Vision Plan outlines the needs, wants and aspirations of those who make a living and raise their families in Springfield Township.

Taking this vision and making it reality is the logical next step in this process and the focus of the newly proposed Strategic Neighborhood Action Plan. The Strategic Neighborhood Action Plan is a simple, straightforward approach which outlines goals, desired outcomes and specific strategies towards increasing property values, preserving and enhancing the quality of life, and decreasing the long-term residential tax burden for property owners.
We encourage all residents and business owners to take a look at these ideas and provide us with your feedback so we can work together to make this vision reality. Click here to dowload a brochure.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Community Garage Sale Event

Springfield Township Community Garage Sale

Web: www.springfieldtwp.orgEmail:

June 5, 9:00a.m. – 1:00 p.m. It’s spring-cleaning time, but don’t throw everything out! June 5th will mark Springfield Township’s annual Community Garage Sale Event! Last year over 1,400 came to shop!

This one day “sale-a-bration” is the perfect time to sell your unwanted items and make a few bucks! Both indoor and outdoor booth spaces are now available to residents of the Township for just $5-$15. The fees will pay for all of the advertising used to draw in the largest crowds.

As an added benefit, a non-profit center will be on site to take any donations after the event is over! There will only be 50 spaces available, so register early! Call 522-1410 to register

Great American Cleanup April 24th Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed

April 24th is the Great American Cleanup in the Greater Cincinnati area. This will be Springfield Township’s ninth year participating in this event. We are actively recruiting volunteers to help clean up neighborhoods and make this area sparkle! If you have a group interested in volunteering, simply log onto

On the website you will find a list of projects and an area for you to register online as a volunteer. Gather a group together and make an impact! *If there is a project you would like to complete that is not listed, please call me at 522-1410 so that it can be added it to the project list!

Great American Cleanup
April 24, 2010

Check in at 8:00 a.m.Grove Banquet Hall or the Pleasant Run Farms Swim ClubVolunteers will work from 9:00a.m. - 12:00 noonA light breakfast will be available at check-in

Free T-shirts, while available Kimberlee FlammProjects, Events & Communications CoordinatorSpringfield Township Administration9150 Winton RoadCincinnati, OH 45231

Picture Perfect Classes at Springfield Township Community Center


Picture Perfect Classes at Springfield Township Community Center

Just in time for those springtime weddings and summer vacation memories, the Springfield Township Senior/Community Center will be hosting two photography classes to help you get the most out of your treasured photo memories.

Advanced Digital SLR Photography will be held on Tuesdays, April 27 and May 4, 11 and 18 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. This four-part class is designed for teens and adults using their own digital SLR camera or for those looking to purchase a new one. You’ll learn about the digital SLR camera and its settings, using the “manual” modes, proper use of the flash, composition tricks and more. Cost for the four, 2 hour classes is $75 for Springfield Township residents and $85 for non-residents. Class size is limited to the first 30 registrants, with a minimum of 10 needed to conduct the class.

Photoshop Elements will be held on Tuesdays, May 25 and June 1, 8 & 15 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. This four-part class will teach you how to touch-up all those digital photos to make them picture perfect. You will learn how to import, format and save images; crop and tone; retouch photos; and advanced techniques including collages, layering and type effects. Participants may bring in their laptop and should download a trial copy of the Photoshop element software at Cost for the four, 2 hour classes is $75 for Springfield Township residents and $85 for non-residents. Class size is limited to the first 30 registrants, with a minimum of 10 needed to conduct the class.

Both classes will be taught by Springfield Township resident Malinda Hartong. In addition to her experience in portrait and studio photography, Malinda has freelanced for various publications for over 10 years and now serves as the Staff Photojournalist/Multimedia Producer for the Cincinnati. You can find out more about Malinda by checking out

Complete information and registration forms can be found at both the Springfield Township Administration building, Senior/Community Center or online at .
To register by mail, send completed form along with a check or money order (payable to Springfield Township) to Springfield Twp. Photo Workshop, 9150 Winton Road, Cincinnati, OH 45231.

Participants may also register on-line at and make payment using PayPal. Those using PayPal will incur a 4% handling fee.

Reservations can also be made via phone or by e-mail using Visa, Master Card or Discover. Credit card orders will incur a 3% handling fee. To make a reservation by phone, contact Thom Schneider at 522-1154. E-mail reservation requests can be made to
Springfield Township Senior/Community Center is located at 9158 Winton Road, behind the Springfield Township Administration Complex. For more information on this or other activities sponsored by the Springfield Township Senior/Community Center, call 522-1154 or visit the Township website –

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bob Dewar Passes Away ...

David Stephens sent this to me Jan. 21st, I'm sorry I'm so late here...

Bob Dewar of Beechtree Dr. suffered a fatal heart attack at his home We extend our heartfelt sympathy to his wife, Barb and children Richard, Sharon, David and their families.

Monday, February 15, 2010

State of Township Community Address Meeting

State of the Township Community Address
This Weekend!

All media, residents of Springfield Township, and business stakeholders are invited to attend Springfield Township’s annual State of the Township Community Address on Sunday, February 28, 2010. The meeting will begin promptly at 2:30p.m. at the Grove Banquet Hall, 9158 Winton Road. (Behind the Senior/Community Center)

Topics to be covered in the community address include:
• A review of 2009
• Tough budget decisions & Current Financial Conditions
• Success of Aggregation Program, Grants & New Community Programming
• Looking towards the future with a Community Master Plan

Following the meeting, residents may stay for the Meet & Greet Social. Trustees and staff will be on hand to answer your questions, one-on-one.

More information and on line registration can be found on or by calling 522-1410.

Kimberlee Flamm
Projects, Events & Communications Coordinator
Springfield Township Administration
9150 Winton Road
Cincinnati, OH 45231

Phone: 513-522-1410 513-522-1410 513-522-1410 513-522-1410
Fax: 513-522-1411