Friday, July 14, 2006

Warm Loving Doggy Needs Home

Medium mixed breed dog needs home. "Happy" is 8 years old, has been living with loving senior citizen who can no longer care for her. She is 28 lbs. Very loving pet who needs a companion.
If you are interested, please call Janet at 236-6283

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Thanks to our neighbors on Colorama!

VPCA President would like to thank Larry and Janet on Colorama for the use of their 1968 Malibu Chevy! Talk about a "Presidential Perk!"
Life can't get any better when your in a 1968 Chevy!
Thanks again for your kindness, trust, and support!

VPCA 2006 Parade and Springfield Township's Finest

Double click on the link in this window and do nothing else ... just sit back and enjoy! A special thanks goes to Chief Leininger and his firefighters and the Township Police staff and VPCA community representative Officer Emily Smith (who for some reason did not make into the ending credits... what do you expect for free software???)

Like I said, double click on the link here and do nothing else ...

Happy 4th &
God Bless America!
View Place Civic Association