Monday, May 21, 2007

Roland Arrowood to the Rescue!

Here's Roland's number for painting, remodeling, repairs, painting, wallpaper, electric, and plumbing. He is highly recommended for anywork around your home due to his professionalism, work ethic and craftmanship ... (513)-520-2810

Membership Renewals

View Place --- Nancy and Dick
Beechtree --- George and Jeannette
Deanview -- Mary and Matt
Bruce Hills -- Chen-Mei and Strong

499 Beechtree Drive Eye Sore ...

Thanks for calling the township ... the more calls we put in ... the faster the results. Yes, they are aware of the situation and trying to get a hold of the owners there ... there is a process by which they need to go through so it shouldn't be just a few more days ... in the meantime ... continue calling ... I've got a call into Gwen who always gets things done for us ...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

News About the Fire

It's Judy over on Beechtree (Dave's wife). I had no idea this happened in our neighborhood. I feel that we should show our neighborhood support somehow to Fran and Chris and the family. Fran grew up in that house and often babysat our kids. The following is what she wrote in our Church e-lines. Yesterday we looked for ourselves and Dave took the pictures. Maybe we can include her story and the pics. on Viewplace website. What do you think? Judy Stephens
Parish - The Rest of the Story I have always know that my St. Vivian family is as wonderful as my immediate family, however I have been continuously reminded of this throughout this LONGGGGGGGG weekend. On Friday night, April 20th, our home on Pinebrook caught fire. At this point we know it started in the kitchen and it is believed to have been electrical in nature. I was at home with Joey, Grace and Katherine. We were able to calmly walk out the front door and call 911. Chris and Hannah were not home at the time. That is our biggest blessing...everyone is safe and no one got hurt. We did however lose our cat to the fire. She died in the basement from the smoke. The house has been very seriously damaged. We are waiting for the insurance company to finish their processing to determine exactly what should be done. The first floor was very heavily burned, the basement suffered serious water damage and the upstairs/bedroom area was burned in some areas, and heavily damaged by smoke in all areas. We are currently staying with my parents and will be looking for temorary housing in the area for the longer term. All of your offers of help have NOT fallen on deaf ears! Please rest assured in the coming months we will be asking for help in many areas, whether it be help with the children or furniture or whatever....but for right now, we just need your prayers and your loving support. A smile really goes a long way! Thank you for being there. Sincerely, Fran Vanarsdall-Schwartz

Handy Man Help

We have in our neighborhood one of the hardest working handymen ever. He's efficient, honest, and won't rob the piggybank. He is highly recommended, too. If you need your bathroom, kitchen or family room refurbished, upgraded, or just fixed, give me call so I can give you his name. If youhave the 2002 neighborhood directory, he's listed under A and 4th entry down. Or just e-mail me at