Thursday, March 30, 2006


The township is removing our old street signs/post and adding them to the top of the stop signs. Right now, I have an e-mail into Mike H. about what our options so we can keep the flower boxes. I'll keep everyone "posted" on this ...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Neighborhood Updates: Street Captains and Help Wanted!

Street Captain Meeting for 2006 Neighborhood Directory, Saturday, APRIL 1st, 3 to 4 p.m. at Donna's 491 Deanview Drive. If you cannot attend, please let me know through e mail only ... Still looking for more street captains for View Place, Beechtree, and Wellesley.

Help Wanted: Experienced person for VPCA's "work crew" for stripping, repairing, and painting flower boxes on Friday, April 7th, from 9 to noon; lunch at Paneras afterward... Bring whatever you have laying around in your workshop ... rags, scrapers, hammers, nails, etc. Please RSVP to me (Donna) on this one.

Plans for Easter Hunt underway; look for announcement at Memo Board

Information about I-75 Closures

From neighbor Melanie Allen - Community Outreach - Voter Education & Training CoordinatorHamilton County Board of Elections
824 BroadwayCincinnati, Ohio
45202513 / 632-7030
(Office) 513 / 632-7076 (Fax:)

Wyoming - Effect of I-75 Closures

Friends, this is a "heads up" which I hope you will> share with your> neighbors. > > Last night Wyoming Council voted unanimously to> support my motion to oppose> the ODOT planned closure of the Galbraith Road I-75> exits which many of us> use in our commutes or leisure driving. The issue is> one I have been> bringing to council, as the rep to OKI, and it now> faces us as an imminent> prospect. (More details are on the city website,>> > I write to encourage you and neighbors to attend> next Monday's special> meeting at the city council chambers at 7 pm. We are> launching a coordinated> grass roots effort to keep Galbraith accessible and> we frankly need the> skills of wide variety of our residents. > > Ask your neighbor, if I-75 access were cut off,> would your home be worth as> much to new buyers?> > The agenda that I have proposed to the city council> follows.> > WYOMING COMMUNITY> AD HOC TASK FORCE> ON INTERSTATE ACCESS ISSUES> Jim O'Reilly, Councilmember> > Council committed on Feb. 21 to actively oppose> closure of I-75 Galbraith> ramps and to consider other impacts of the "Through> the Valley" project.> Building on Mayor Savage's 3-part program, let us> enlist community members> to help with each of the three areas of work to be> done in the next 7 weeks> before the April ODOT Wyoming meeting. > > POLITICAL> > A. Easiest sell to a politician: "Just let it be as> it is."> B. Politics must be driven by campaign fundraising> C. Candidates go where the money is, to fund their> TV needs ($80k/wk)> D. Wyoming residents are politically savvy and> involved "prime donors"> E. Leverage is greatest prior to gubernatorial> election, now>>11/7/06> F. Attract Strickland, Petro, Blackwell during SW> Ohio visits> G. Convince them to pledge "no change to Galbraith> exit" in their new> administration of Ohio Dept. Trans. (ODOT)> H. Once the Gov. is on record, bureaucrats can't> play usual games> I. Buttress this with Sen. Pat Clancey on Sen.> Transportation Com.> J. Enlist Raussen (not on relevant committees) for> additional help> > > BUREAUCRATIC> > A. Follow the flow of money> B. OKI done, now ODOT > TRAC > Budget > Build> C. Intercept the closure decision at ODOT if> possible: 4/06, 6/06> D. Make persuasive record to do no changes at> Galbraith> E. Convince TRAC (Chip Gerhardt) champion to> advocate for us> F. Persuade appropriators - Tom Raga, Lt Gov> candidate from Mason, is> vice chair of appropriations - to champion our> "least cost alternative" as a> net savings to the project> G. Get Alan Schreiber's advice as highest ranking> insider (commutes to> Ohio PUCO Chair from Reily Rd. home)> > TECHNICAL> > A. Traffic studies from OKI files> B. Meeting with ODOT Lebanon field office, Diana> Martin> C. Commuter patterns surveys> D. Use patterns - where do people drive and why?> E. Traffic engineer consultant report needed:> leaving Galb. Ramps open> will not ruin the I-75 project> > > Please forward this invitation to others in Wyoming.> Thanks for your> consideration. > > Jim O'Reilly> Councilmember> >

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Report of Township Meeting 3/14/06

Notes were submitting by Finneytown Board of Education Officer and former VPCA President, James E. Wright


Police Chief Report: 120 applied and the top 20 will continue in the process i.e. interviews, physicals, and etc. The number of expect hire is not yet known.
I asked about data for problem areas and the Chief stated it was broken into zones. He would provide me with that data later.

Fire Chief Report: Kids Fire Academy will start some time in June. This project will focus on fire safety, 1st aid and environmental weather awareness.

Recreation Report: Great American Clean Up: Meet at Sr. building class rm. A 9158 Winton Rd. Registration begins at 8:30 am Clean up from 9:00 until noon. Food, drinks, T-shirts will be provided along with fun during and after project. Targeted areas will be Winton and Galbraith roads.

Contact numbers 513-522-1410

The web site is

Senior/Community Services: Medicare Matters question and answer period along with learning more about the program is scheduled 3/20/06 from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm at 9158 Winton Rd. contact numbers 1-800-648-1176 and 513-522-1154

Meet at Sr. building class rm. A 9158 Winton Rd. and take pictures with Easter Bunny April 9th 1:00 thru 3:00 pm

Administrator’s Report: Finneytown’s school resource officer agreement passed to get renewed.
Wyoming Council voted unanimously to support my motion to oppose the ODOT planned closure of the Galbraith Road I-75 exits which many of us use in our commutes or leisure driving.

Springfield Township Trustees are in agreement with the area communities and will send one or two representatives to attend a hearing regarding this matter 3/21/06 in Columbus.

Declaring a Nuisance: properties that are listed are declared as nuisances 7710 View Place Dr. 8405 Cottonwood Dr. 8413 Cottonwood Dr. 785 Finney Trail and 1027 North Bend Rd.

Energy Report: there are no guarantees that the prices will not be cheaper, however they should get cheaper in the long run.

New Ballot Issue: TELL amendment (Tax payers’ Bill of Rights) the context of this is that you will not be allowed to spend more that 3.5% of the monies allowed. This had a negative impact in Colorado on all levels; they are currently trying to amend it. Example is energy prices have risen more than 3.5% and in order for the budget amount change you have to get 50% of registered to say yes. We can not get 50% to come to the poles.