Monday, February 04, 2008

Landfill Update on Northbend ...

Dan Taphorn, an urban conservationist with Hamilton County Soil & Water Division met with Mr. Kendall late in 2007. He learned that the District made Mr. Kendall re-seed a few areas where the previous seeding had not taken because of the drought. As far as the District is concerned Mr. Kendall’s project is complete and no more fill should be taking place.

I understand that Mel Rack now owns an acre of ground formally owned by Mr. Kendall and that he is installing a driveway for access to this property. We do not have issues with the driveway being installed on the Rack property, if he (Mel Rack) wants to accept fill he needs to file for an Earthwork Permit.

Have any questions give Dan Taphorn a call.

Daniel Taphorn
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