Saturday, October 27, 2007

Message from Randy Parsons, School Superintendent

Dear Donna,

I was happy we had an opportunity to talk earlier this week to address some of the questions about our high school program.

Concerning AP classes, we have not reduced, nor are there plans to reduce, our AP offerings. However, as our total student population gets smaller, it may to make sense to examine creative scheduling strategies – perhaps combining some classes, or offering some classes on alternating years. The data shows, however, that over the last five years, the number of students taking AP exams has increased from 69 in 2003 to 114 in 2007, with a corresponding increase in the number of students receiving Advanced Placement College Credit. (Last year we had 5 National Merit Semi-finalists and 1 Finalist.)

As for the scheduling issues, we are aware of only one student who was closed out of an AP class this summer. This student was in many other high level classes. Again, a smaller high school program naturally results in a tighter, less flexible master schedule with a greater likelihood of single course offerings. We believe this challenge is offset by the many advantages of attending a small school!

Although the state and federal (No Child Left Behind) accountability/testing programs have highlighted in recent years the need to provide intervention to struggling students, this does not need to be at the expense of meeting the needs of our academically talented students. We need to do both.

We also talked about the need to make sure the good news about Finneytown gets into the local press. Shawn Maus, our Communications Coordinator, sends 5 – 7 items per week out to the media. All of the news items that appear on our website are sent to them. It is solely their choice what to print.

I hope this response is helpful. Please let me know if you have additional questions, and let me know that you received this email. I would be happy to speak with anyone who has individual concerns. Your support in helping to facilitate good communication is greatly appreciated!



Randall B. Parsons
Finneytown Local School District
8916 Fontainebleau Terrace
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
(513) 728-3703

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Don't forget:


letter from Georgia ...

I grew up on Deanview and remembe Mrs. Badger saying good morning to us daily from her house when we’d wait for the school bus. Sometimes, just for fun, some of us would drop in after school and visit her, Mr. Badger, and their dog. They were truly wonderful people. I also remember the sign they always had up each year – season’s greetings from art and mary badger. They also were known for being the most generous to all of us at Halloween.

They were truly wonderful folks in every way possible. I’ve not lived in View Place since 1990 but it was wonderful, and came as no surprise, to read that the Badgers carried on as they always had, loving and giving to those around them.

Paul Larsen
Atlanta, GA.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Two Cats Still Missing ...


CONTACT if you see a short haired black cat and long hair grey cat roaming around upper end of Viewplace, Wellesley or Pinebrook.

There are two little (SAD) girls who are missing their cats! Both cats pretty much stayed in the yard although the grey cat was known for crossing over to the Jesuit house...

New Excavation on Northbend Road behind St. X??

I would like to know what is happening to the hillside on North Bend Rd behind the St. Xavier ballfield. It saddens me to see yet another forested area destroyed. Thank you. Teri from Keats Lane

Pinebrook Court Update

If you have been in the vicinity of Pinebrook Court lately, you are well aware that we are in the process of rebuilding our home. It was basically deemed a total loss, and because of that, we had the remaining structure torn down and opted to start fresh. We were able to save the foundation...which is why we are so far along in the rebuilding process all ready!
This house does look a little different than it did before, but soon the same old people will be living there and our lives will hopefully return to normal.

Since the fire, we spent 5 weeks living with my parents, Al and Kathy Humbert. They live in the area, so we were able to still be close to home. Then we were able to find a house to rent on Shuman Lane. This is in the area behind Brentwood Shopping Center. It is not exactly what we are used to, but it has worked out for the summer and into the fall. If all goes well, and so far it has, we should be able to move back onto Pinebrook in late we could be HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

Since the fire, we have been blessed in many ways, our friends in the area have been WONDERFUL. Looking out for our interests right after the fire happened and continuing to look out for us now. It is great to see so many smiling faces every day, as we travel in and out of View Place to drop off our girls at the babysitters. As of July, we have our newest addition as well. Lillian Claire Schwartz was born on July 21st and has been the best distraction possible after all of this fire stuff we have been dealing with! She is wonderful and her sisters, Hannah, Grace and Katherine, and her brother Joey, love her to death. We can't wait to introduce her to the View Place neighborhood

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mrs. Mary Badger Passed Away Last Night ...

Mary Badger's sister called this morning with very sad news. Mrs. Badger slipped away last night, Wednesday, October 3, around midnight. A visitation for Mrs. Badger is planned at Hodapp in Carthage this Sunday, October 7th from 3 to 5 p.m.

Recently, Mrs. Badger was diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer. Late in September, she received her first chemo treatment and due to complications from pneumonia, she was rushed to the hospital on Saturday, Sept. 29th and remained until Wednesday, when her family decided to bring her home for respite.

Mrs. Badger will always be remembered by family, friends, and neighbors as being a kindred spirit, a naturalist, and a devoted wife. The neighborhood children growing up in View Place will always remember the Badger home to be a safe haven; a place to discover important values that would help shape their true character and help define their purpose in life which is always to serve others.

For Mr. and Mrs. Badger:

"The present flowed by them like a stream. The tree rustled. It had made music before they were born, and would continue after their deaths, but its song was of the moment. The moment had passed. The tree rustled again. Their senses were sharpened, and they seemed to apprehend life. Life passed. The tree rustled again."- E.M. Forster