Saturday, June 18, 2011

4th of July Parade & Springfield Township Events:


4th of July neighborhood parades

July 5 - 9 Kids Fire Academy (Ages 8-12)

July 12: Next Trustee Meeting

July 11-15 Junior Fire Academy (Ages 13-17)

July 11 - 16 - Kids Police Academy (Ages 8-13)

July 13 - Touch A Truck Event

July 21 - Cincinnati Civic Orchestra Concert

August 4 - Ohio Military Band Concert

Did You Live in Springfield Township in the 1930's, 40's or 50's? If So, We Want to Talk to You!

(SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, Hamilton County Ohio, June 16, 2011) Springfield Township is working on a Fall and Winter Community Activity Guide Book with a spotlight on the Township's history. The 1 to 2 page spotlight will be focused on growing up in Springfield Township during the 1930's, 40's and 50's. We would like to highlight living in the various neighborhoods and your memories of calling Springfield Township home.

If you are interested in being interviewed for this story by a Community Press reporter, please send your name, phone number, how long you have lived in Springfield Township and your neighborhood affiliation to A list of interested residents will be compiled and sent to the Community Press for interview scheduling. We will take contact information for interviews until Wednesday, June 22, 2011. The story and your photos will be published in the guide book this August.

We are also looking for recent photos of fall and winter in Springfield Township for the cover. Submit your photo today!

To view the current Spring and Summer Community Activity Guide Book, visit the Township's homepage at There, you can download a pdf copy of the guide. Inside you will find information on summer camps, local pools, recreational activities and events from all over Springfield Township. 23,000 guide books were distributed through the Hilltop and Northwest Press. Finneytown Kroger also carried copies in the lobby. (Sorry, we do not have any more copies left.)

About Springfield Township

Springfield Township is a first ring suburb in the Greater Cincinnati area consisting of approximately 16 ½ square miles and 39,755 residents. The Township is governed by an elected Board of Township Trustees who is dedicated to delivering reliable and superior services to create a sense of community, enhance property values and improve the quality of life for residents and businesses in the Township.


4th of July neighborhood parades

July 5 - 9 Kids Fire Academy (Ages 8-12)

July 12: Next Trustee Meeting

July 11-15 Junior Fire Academy (Ages 13-17)

July 11 - 16 - Kids Police Academy (Ages 8-13)

July 13 - Touch A Truck Event

July 21 - Cincinnati Civic Orchestra Concert

August 4 - Ohio Military Band Concert

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good Detective Work in View Place

These two burglers didn't know they were messing with a neighborhood like View Place!

One guy is already arrested because he was traced to the stolen jewelry recovered in a pawn shop on Colerain. It just so happens that one of our neighbors did a little detective work visiting pawn shops looking for her stolen  jewelry. Lo and behold, she found a few of her precious memories and contacted Springfield Twp. Police! This is the same woman who drove around nearby neighborhoods in Colerain Twp. looking for the vehicle that many of the neighbors described to her! (At least 5 neighbors reported a dented white "work" truck parked in a "home for sale" driveway and got a good description of the two guys who were knocking on doors asking if somebody named "Amy" lived here.)

Just another reminder why it's a good reason to contact the Springfield Twp. Police to report people who are walking around the neighborhood or parked in driveway where they don't belong!


I'm sharing correspondance I received from the Ohio Department of Health in regard to clarifying how the new laws will impact neighborhoods like ours:

Ms. Saul,

I enjoyed speaking with you last week concerning your neighborhood in Hamilton County . It is my understanding that the community has been identified by Hamilton County Public Health and the local sewer district as a priority area for sanitary sewers due to concerns with the large number of discharging household sewage treatment systems and poor surface water quality in the area. You asked in your June 5, 2011 email (copied below this correspondence for your convenience, if a Sewage Treatment Systems (STS) program staff member would be available to attend a neighborhood meeting in June or July of this year to address questions concerning the existing household sewage treatment systems in the area and how future rule changes in the STS program may affect the situation.

Unfortunately, I have been informed that we are unable to commit to attending the meeting at this time. I am more than happy to address specific questions by email or telephone. Please feel free to forward specific questions from the neighborhood meeting or to circulate my contact information if members of the community feel more comfortable addressing their questions and concerns to me directly. You should also feel free to contact Hamilton County Public Health with any questions concerning the rule changes and rule development process. Hamilton County Public Health is a member of the Ohio Department of Health’s STS Rule Advisory Committee. Tim Ingrim and Chris Griffith, with that agency, are very active in the rule development process.

Their contact information is:

Hamilton County Public Health

250 William Howard Taft, 2nd Floor

Cincinnati, OH 45219


I look forward to working with you and your neighbors,

Nathan Johnson, RS

Residential Water and Sewage Program

Bureau of Environmental Health

Ohio Department of Health

246 North High Street

Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 644-7181

(614) 466-4556 (fax)

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Neighborhood Watch

Be on the look out for any vehicle that backs into your drive or your neighbors drive and waits there and suddenly pulls away after they notice you're watching them. Don't approach them but you can be pretty intimidating when you're taking down their license plate number from across the street.  If they're legit, they will completely understand you're just doing your job as "good neighbor" back here in View Place.

Quickly write down  licence #s and call Springfield Twp. with the description and license especially if they suddenly pull away and hide their head from your view.  Also, if you see a person walking around your neighbor's property and you don't know if your neighbor is home, just call the Springfield Twp. and let them know you are concerned there is a person you don't recognize on the property.  Get a good description of the individual and/or vehicle. 

These people may not be burglers, but this is how burglers get away with what they do.  They have a driver who "waits" in a vehicle close to where the burglery is taking place.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Membership Contributions from Commonwealth:

A big thank you goes out to the following neighbors and to Mrs. Beall for taking the time to update the directory for her street:

Ringgenberg paid twice!!!

Burglery Reported in Neighborhood

Heads up, Neighbors.

Roxanne just called with the very distressing news.

She and Dave went out for a few errands this morning and came home to find their house was burglerized. 


Just a reminder, too, to have your neighbor's phone number handy to call them if you see someone walking on their property. If they don't answer the phone, contact the police to report anything suspicious or people walking around your neighbor's house that you don't recognize as the owners.

Springfield Township police reminded us a few years back about reporting people or cars that don't belong in the picture. It may be a contractor distributing flyers or a visiting out-of-town uncle but let's get in the habit of calling and letting the police handle the rest when the owners are not around.  

The non-emergency number for the Police Department is 729-1300 if you have any questions or concerns.

I have an independent contractor right now working on my chimney so I called my neighbors so they wouldn't be concerned.

Teri's Update about Covenant Church

This just in from Teri on Keats:

"I was walking around the Covenant church grounds this evening and came upon the groundskeeper. He informed me the church is not moving, just changing their name. He also informed me of their plans to fill in the huge park area along the borders of those living on Keats, Beechtree and ViewPlace. He informed me they are going to remove all the trees on the interior of the property and build a rec center for youth. I said why don't they do that away from people's homes and on the other side of the church. He did not know but said they are planning to begin this work within the year. I for one am distressed about this and the effect it will have on our already dwindling home values. I think we as a community need to be good neighbors but that needs to be reciprocal. I do not think destroying the grounds and building on property that runs alongside our homes is a neighborly thing to do. What can we do to proactively deal with this situation? How can we save the grounds and not further destroy our property values? A rec center is great but certainly away from people's homes where the traffic and noise will be greater. Thoughts? What steps can we take? Thank you for reading this."


Teri,   Contact Pastor Shelley at the church.   Tell him about your concerns and  that you think it's important  to work out a design that will not detract from the privacy of the area that many of the neighbors have enjoyed over the years.   This is a really great church with a really terrific congregation. I'm sure they'll be very supportive.

Next, I would call Chris Gilbert at the Township 522-1410 to see what influence we have over where the youth  rec. center is built on the property. One would think that a center focusing on youth recreation would be closer to the church building.  (Accessible to where supervising church staff  are more likely to be congregating?) 

Once we get all the information, we'll call a neighborhood meeting.  One is in the planning stages late June or early July.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Thank you for Membership Dues!

Michele & Jeff on Wellesley!

Thank You, Blossom Hills

Mrs. Rizzi and Mrs. Hutchins have been really helpful collecting directory and membership donations:

The following have paid their membership dues on Blossomhills:

Dick and Sally
George and Barbara
Donald and Sheila (Prrrrrfect!!)
David and Elizabeth
Jim and Ruth
Garnail and Donna
Richard and Marjorie
Jim and  Peg
Bill and Sondra
Ed and Cynthia

Thank You, Mrs. Beall

Mrs. Beall collected two pages of information and membership donations from neighbors on Commonweath!  I'm just adding the email addresses to the contact list at Yahoo! right now.  I'll note later who the neighbors are that made a membership donation. (I forgot the envelope at home so I can't do it right now!)

Thank you, Mrs. Beall!