Friday, May 22, 2009

Concert at Civic Garden Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hi Friends!

We wanted to let you know about the upcoming Beyer Musical Society program at the Civic Garden Center this Sunday at 3 pm.

Our involvement with the Society goes back many years. The program will include Broadway songs, "pop" standards, and a few gospel songs.

A young violinist is on the program and also a jazz clarinetist. All of the ten vocalists are experienced, fine singers.

David will perform as soloist and accompanist. It is sure to be a delightful and entertaining hour of music.

And it is Free!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Beware of Loose Dogs at 455 Beechtree Drive

Most of you know my daughter delivers the Hilltop Press in View Place and on several occasions, we have found three huge dogs at 455 Beechtree ready to come after her while delivering to the house next door. Are they Akitas?

Also while the kids are riding bikes, the dogs will come running out of the yard and into the street running after the kids. No one is ever home and quite frankly, I'm afraid to get out of the car to find out if anyone is home.

Please use caution in this area until I can phone the people living there and find out why the dogs are not on leashes or left outside when no one is at home.

Since this street backs up into the Commonwealth area, I would also advise families to keep an eye out for your kids.

The weather is nice and kids will be out. I would hate to see any of our kids hurt and I'm sure the homeowners would like to be made aware of the potentially dangerous situation they are putting the neighborhood by not supervising their dogs while they are out.

They are beautiful dogs, Akitas. The AKC breeders information, however, warns all owners not to let these dogs around kids or small pets while unsupervised. They are very territorial and if something is not right "in their mind" they will instinctively go after whatever it is they feel is a threat to their terrority. They are known to break through an invisible fence barrier to protect their territory.