Thursday, September 28, 2006

Zoning Information

This evening Ben Lawrence and I attended the Zoning Board meeting. The> single agenda item was a case to replace the old firehouse with a 6400 SF> structure for two prospective tenants, including 89 parking spaces. The> tenants are not yet known.> > The applicant is New Plan Realty. Some parking will be shared with Kroger.> Two connections to Kroger parking plus right-in and right-out at Winton> provide auto access.> > Chris Gilbert presented the case and reviewed the plot plan. We'll bring> this material to the next Board meeting. The Township Staff Recommendations> included particulars about signage, lighting, landscaping and architecture.> > Bob Trendkamp of Thos Graham were present on behalf of New Plan Realty.> > The Zoning Board approved the case.> > At the next Zoning board meeting on Oct. 18, the final Walgreens plan will> be submitted.> > The old Kroger plan has been scaled back, but the timing for a case> submission is unknown.> > Jim Golan