Monday, December 20, 2010

2 Homes in Foreclosure on Deanview Drive...

The very two last houses at the end of the street are in foreclosure on Deanview Drive.  Since this is the best time to buy and invest, please mention to your family and friends about the two homes here if they are looking for an investment.

Arlene Norris of Beechtree Passed Away

Just heard that Arlene Norris passed away this month.  Some of the neighbors in View Place remember Mrs. Arlene Norris who was endeared  as one of the "originals" of the neighborhood -- someone who found time for gardening, parenting, and coordinating schedules that would run rings around most of us today.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Missing Yorkie-Diabetic

Please help!
PeeWeeDuffy is missing!
400 Deanview Drive

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Household Treatment Systems in View Place

There is a proposal  currently under review by Ham. Co. Board of Commissioners for MSD to  run a sewer pipe up W. Northbend from Seymour.  Current residents from 504 to 565 W. Northbend  petitioned MSD and were approved in May 2010.   If the Ham. Co. Board of Commissioners pass it, residents who petitioned can expect new sewers as early as 2012. 

While this will have little impact for people living in the View Place neighborhood, it has opened a much needed dialog with the Ham. Co. Board of Health, MSD, and some of the residents here in View Place who have learned that this neighborhood is considered an "area of concern"  with the Board of Health due to the number of household treatment systems in use. 

If you have any questions about  your current household treatment system or passing inspection, contact Ham. Co. Board of Health, Chris Griffith at 946-7800.  Here is a link to law and rule information regarding sewege treatment.  Chris also has a record of pass/fail inspections. I am also adding a web link to explain "pass/fail" outcomes and how that impacts the homeowner.  Please look at the article about a lawsuit that was filed over an incompetent "dye test."

If you have any questions about converting household treatment systems to sewer, contact MSD engineer Brent Tuley at 557-5914.  The process requires a majority vote.  As with any petitions, make sure you have all the facts before you sign.