Friday, February 24, 2006

A Message From View Place Resident and Finneytown Current School Board Member

Submitted for posting from the Office of
James Wright, View Place Resident and Finneytown School Board Member:


Tuesday, February 13, 2006

The following members were present: Chris Auffrey, Ben Lawrence, Kevin
Berlon, Randall Parsons, Dan Howett, James Wright, Kevin Holder, Dale
Miller, Barb Parry, Bob Earley and David Oliverio.

I would like to thank members of the Blue Ribbon committee for doing such a fantastic job monitoring the expenditures of the monies.

Keeping a good handle on the value of education as well as putting in perspective the amount of currency spent on our students is worth it.

Finneytown as compared to some of the other district we get more houses for our dollars as well several extra curricular activities.

Finneytown’s our property taxes repay rated 7th out of 23.

Winton Road Expansion Project: Mr. Lawrence reported on the Hamilton County's planned

Winton Road Expansion Project between Reynard and Fleming projected to begin next winter.

The committee chose May 1 at 7:00 pm as the date and time for its next meeting.

Mark reported on the Finance Committee meeting.

Finneytown Athletic Association Report

I was Unable to make meeting this past month. I will communicate with the President or Vice President and bring a report next month if I cannot attend the meeting in March.


Governor delivers final State of the State address

Gov. BobTaft delivered his eighth State of the State address on Jan. 25, announcing his goals for the rest of his term and the remainder of the 126th General Assembly.

Taft discussed several topics, such as mortgage lending and workers’ compensation reforms, but primarily focused on education. He called for a more rigorous core curriculum requirement for high school graduation, beginning with the class of 2011. The "Ohio Core" plan would require all students to take:

four years of math (including Algebra II);
three years of science (including biology, chemistry and physics);
four years of English;
three years of social studies;
two years of foreign language.
He also proposed an expansion of the school breakfast and lunch program to serve an additional 120,000 children.

Passed by the House of Representatives the week of Jan. 23:

Board of education membership

House Bill (HB) 455, would allow employees of a city director of law to serve on a board of education for which the city director of law is not the legal adviser. It was favorably passed out of the House and now heads to the Senate.
School bullying bill

Substitute HB 276 requires:

each school board to adopt a policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation or bullying of any student on school property or at a school-sponsored activity;
the State Board of Education to develop a model policy prohibiting student harassment, intimidation or bullying;
the state auditor to determine whether a district has adopted an anti-harassment policy.
The bill also clarifies that that local policies may not infringe on First Amendment free speech rights. In addition, it authorizes school districts to form initiatives to prevent bullying, and requires districts to provide training and education on student harassment, intimidation or bullying, if funds are appropriated for that purpose.

OSBA Delegate Report

I have not received anything formally from them as of yet.

Secondary Campus Report

Coach Effner's Comments
"Ron is a two-time NCAA qualifier, where he has won a match each year, and is one of our co-captains. He represents all of what is good about coaching and being a student athlete.
2004-05 - Junior Season
NCAA qualifier...finished third at 184 in the EWL Tournament
2003-04 - Sophomore Season
NCAA Championship qualifier at 184...finished third at 184 in the EWL Tournament
2002-03 - Freshman Season
Posted a 22-17 record, finishing second at the Slippery Rock Open


Born Jan. 7, 1984 in Hopewell, VA....son of Lisa and Ron Howard...has a sister, Destanee, and a brother, Jaime. Ron’s digital media and film are his majors.

Please view Finneytown Website for up to date as well as past information on the latest News.
3) The dinner date for seniors is Friday, May 26th!

Beth Mizelle and Marty Mayer can give you more information regarding this event.


SPRINGFIELD Township’s web address is

Kroger Building has been purchased by developer. The plans are not yet forth coming; however, the developer will notify the Township of said plans.

There are three or four properties that have been declared nuisances in the Finneytown Community. After this has been declared the owner will be notified and repairs made at owner’s expense by the Township.

The property south of Xavier School has permits for filling in the land. The area is zoned for residential.


I attended a luncheon were the Treasurer of the State was there to answer some questions.
Look to website for information regarding the financial condition of the state as well as programs that are available to help you.

The website address is

I talked with some of the members on the STCC and Randy Parson’s regarding using the media package as a means of enhancing the district as well as business opportunities in the community.

STTC Website address is

Thursday, May 12, 2006, 11:30 AM is the next meeting.Lunch: $5.00
RSVP to: Rhys Reynolds, 522-3885

Technology Committee Report
Nothing to report as of this date regarding Technology


The VPCA currently have a website, the address is

Congrats to Conner Doyl for making Eagle Scout.

VPCA have teamed up with the Springfield Township Police department to head of any potential crime.

Our thoughts and prayers are with The Hummer Family: Sue, Dan, Tom and Jeff