Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rest In Peace, Douglas J. Lippincott

We just heard the news about Fred and Donna's son who died on Tuesday.   Our hearts and prayers go out to the Lippincott family and friends.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Blogging Live at the Township Neighborhood Meeting Nov. 4, 2010

I'm writing this as Mike is address the different representives from around Springfield Township:

Mike reported that the Residential Rental Inspection Program is currently being reviewed with all issues and concerns being addressed.  There is so much that the law will allow the township to do to move ahead so most likely, Mike Hinnekamp says that there will besome kind of  registration when tenants change hands and inspections will be conducted when there is a complaint lodged about the rental property.

He also announced on December 4th -- there will be a Winterfest for the township children from 1 - 4 p.m.  Madcap Puppets will be here!


Here is an outline about what we'll be discussing specifically about the Individual Neighborhood Planning Meeting:

Issues, assets, and organizations
Existing Land Use
Existing Zoning
Proposed Land Use
Development Strategies

Stakeholder Meeting-- People were invited to the meeting to get feedback about the proposed  "Core Development" area which was earlier in October. 
The "Core" Redevelopment Area
Develop Round Table

Final Product will include a township wide operation policies and strategies and the plan will be prepared from Dec. to Feb.   March 6th, the Annual State of the Address will be announced PUBLICALLY.  March - Aril there will be time to review and make changes.  And in April there will be a final plan adoption by the Board of Trustees.

Chris Gilbert is now presenting a map of Springfield Township and recapping what was discussed in individual neighborhood meetings:

In the Lexington Hgts. Wellspring and Glencoe --  they are trying to promote reinvestment in some of the neighborhoodsand commercial areas that need strategies to revitalize the housing. 

Golfway and North College Hill  -- identifying areas here to redevelop "housing stock" and improving aesthetics.  He pointed out some areas that offer opportunity to redevelop but reminds us that Springfield Twp will not take ownership, but point it out to developers.

Hamilton NE -- most of it is Winton Woods Park, but he pointed out the need to expand on  industrial development in "enterprise zone" along Hamilton Rd.They want to maintain some of the "rural" area around the park.

Seven Hills has a very bold proposed change in some areas -- converting  some of the neighborhoods in crisis to transition to light industrial area because it is so close to 275 -- the retail market is not rebounding and hasn't done so for some time.

Pleasant Run Farms -- it has a strong residential  identity, civic associations, parks, and will see very little change.  There was a small pocket neighborhood with rentals that needed  addressing due to a future school closing there.

Hamilton SW - huge redevelopment opportunity was identified near Rinks on Hamilton and issues with  "housing stock" areas.  Few of neighborhoods are in need for revitalization and reinvestment

Finneytown!!! That's us!  Major attribute was the close proximity to the highways and gateway to the township.  Identified redevelopment in commercial areas of Brentwood.  Also  pointed out that "core" area that was along Winton Road and around Ward Nursery for potential re-investment, streetscapes, for mix of commercial/residential! They see retail development as key to success here because it was identified in previous psychographic studies as "a core" for  people who live and work in the area. There might be some zoning changes presented in the future so everyone needs to pay attention here. (Follow this link to the initial meeting where this was discussed in detail:

The Valley Area had good access to I-75 and want to redevelop industrial in that area.  Looking at higher density residential housing to replace some of the tired single homes.  (Remember, this is a a long term vision.)

Winton NE comprises 50% of neighborhood. Potential for re-development as residential.  Lakeridge area has great potential for redevelopment. They see a restaurant, outdoor patio for the Winton Woods Harbor area.

Hollydale -- redevelopment and reinvestment

Winton NW - deterioration of housing stock requiring redevelopment.

Neighborhood Master Plan Steering Committee meeting

Neighborhood Master Planning

Springfield Township is a unique, diverse community that is comprised of many different neighborhoods, each with their unique character, attributes and needs. In addition, the Township includes one school district that is entirely within the Township and portions of six others. With a total of 39,755 residents and about 16,000 households, we recognize that an overall Master Plan for the entire Township may fail to address the individual and specific needs of a particular neighborhood. Therefore, we are creating a Master Plan process that embraces the Township for what it is - a community of neighborhoods. You care about your neighborhood, what it looks like and what it could be. It's where you call home. Creating many individually customized, but unified neighborhood and district plans, will allow us to better ensure our Township's sustainability and create a path for a bright future.

The Strategic Neighborhood Master Plan Map

This map outlines twelve "districts" that will be used to create a neighborhood master plan.

• What District Do I Live In?

Individual street listing of Neighborhood Districts (Click Here)

Phase One: Information Gathering

Eleven neighborhood meetings were scheduled in the months of September & October (2009) to begin the process of creating a Township-wide master plan. Each neighborhood meeting began with a presentation of current neighborhood conditions: land use, economic conditions, housing conditions, rental statistics, crime rate, fire response time, road infrastructure, and neighborhood attributes. This provided residents with statistical information as it relates to where they live. The second half of the meeting was designed to gather specific suggestions from residents. This segment was used as an idea brainstorm from residents - things to make your neighborhood better, stronger, sustainable and prosperous. Residents from each neighborhood came with suggestions for the future. The suggestions were recorded and will become part of the next phase in the master planning stages.

Trustees are currently working with the Administrator and Department Heads to address some of the more easily remedied concerns immediately. The next stages of the master planning process will include resident volunteers participating on a steering committee. The committee will be comprised of residents who expressed and interest in participating and brings a level of expertise to the group. Committee Meetings will be scheduled throughout 2010. Progress will be reported through the Township's e-news and through our local media partners. The final plan will be presented in 2011.

Missed your meeting? Watch the taped meeting here.

Phase Two: Steering Committees

Springfield Township Trustees have selected 3 to 10 steering committee members to represent each neighborhood district. The committee members are all residents who live in the district they represent and have shown an interest in participating in the planning process. The committee members will participate in monthly seminars, learning more about the Township and then they are providing their feedback on specific aspects of the master plan. The seminars began March 2nd and will conclude with a near complete custom master plan in December.

Residents are encouraged to participate by contacting their steering committee members. You can receive meeting updates and have your opinions heard by any of the residents listed below.

• What District Do I Live In?

Individual street listing of Neighborhood Districts (Click Here)

* District captain

Finneytown North District

Gerri Frank

Jim Golan

John Rapach

Julie Stark

Sherry Kelley Marshall

Tracey Carraher

Bob Heglin

Richard Okenfuss

Wes Girdler

Finneytown South District

Jeff Dean

jrdengenv@aol 761-6277

Donna Saul 821-5714

Susan Wagner


John Listermann 522-0513

Bill Angert 542-7504

Norbert Gilman 522-1570

Mike Battles

* Dan Deitsch 761-8619