Monday, October 24, 2005

VPCA MEETING - Nov. 14th, Covenant Church at 7:30 p.m.

The VPCA Meeting will be on MONDAY November 14 at 7:30 p.m. at the Covenant Church instead of our original plan on October 27th.

There are over 271 View Place Residents and 81 households have participated in our election and survey. We will extend our deadline to complete the survey and/or participate in our neighborhood election to Nov. 5TH.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hello View Place Neighbors! (October)

Welcome our New/Old VPCA Members (Dues paid for 2006)

Sue & Dan, Donna & Mike, Jan & Ron, Lisa & Jeff,
Allan & Anita, Greg & Donalyn, Janet, Ruth, Robert & Sylvia, Sondra & Bill, David & Judith, David & Beth & Emmett, Mr. & Mrs. Bill O., Andy & Lori, Janet H., Sophie & Frank, Drs. Matt & Mary, Drs. Eva & Robert, Jesse & Bette, Mary Ann, George & Barbara, John & Helen, Jack & Rose, Fran & Chris & Family, Fred & Donna, Brandon & Christa, Annie & Dennis, Elena & Family, Jim & Ruth, Charles & Lois & Joseph, Florence, Rhonda, Richard & Sally, Cotton & Buck, Gilbert & Phyllis, Mario & Maria, Don & Consuelo, Charles & Mary, Mike &Brenda, Peg & Jim, Helen, Bob & Janet, George & Jeannette, George & Louise, Lynette & Jeff, Jim & Elaine, Jeannette, Chuck & Marty, Tom & Donna, Jim & Marianne, David & Roxanne, Betsy, Cathy & Family, Fred, May Noel, Larry, Tom & Patricia, Susan & Bill, Tom & Debby, Chuck & Peggy, Mike & Gina, Bob & Pat, Mike & Janice, Jack & Joan, Jan & Ann, Mary & Eldon, Louis & Zelda, Richard & Nancy, Stephen, Frederick & Mary, Lois & Ozie, D. Jean

2005 Information Sheet and Results (Received from 85 addresses)

At our last View Place Civic Association (VPCA) neighborhood meeting held at Covenant Apostolic Church in September, there were several concerns and opinions shared by those in attendance:

Kendall Family “landfill” located on Northbend Road
No Parking Signs missing on Wellesley
Drivers continuing to disobey stop signs and speed limit
Electing new officers for VPCA
Updating neighborhood directory
Establishing a Walking Group for fun and health
Establishing Street Captains
Collecting dues for VPCA
Loud Music from passing cars
Streets used as one way due to parked cars on street

At this meeting with over 65 people in attendance, Sue Hummer was elected as Secretary; Jeff Dean was elected into the Treasurer position, and Donna Saul was elected as President.

However, before we move forward, we still need to elect a Civic VP and Social VP:


CIVIC VP (Please check one) :

__25__ Christa Criddle or _39_ Bill Merusi

SOCIAL VP (Please check one:)

__30__ Katie Garrett or __28_ Christa Criddle

1 Request for Christa be editor for the Grapevine Newsletter

TIME TO UPDATE THE VPCA DIRECTORY FOR 2006: (Please check those that apply)

____ My residence info for ___________________________ has not changed since 2001

____ Please make the following revisions before publishing the new 2006 VPCA Directory

Children and age in 2006:
Phone: E-mail:
List any resource you can provide to the neighborhood?
(Example: babysitting, animal sitting, yard work)

_______ I can be a street captain for my street by distributing newsletters or helping out
_______ I am interested in starting a walking group for fun and health
_______ I would prefer to be contacted through my e-address
_______ I do not have a computer so keep me updated by memo-board and newsletter

A major benefit to the VPCA membership is keeping informed by sharing information with your neighbors through our new website, e-mail, and upcoming newsletters. Also, it makes it easier when we’re all connected even though we may not share the same view point, we share the same neighborhood. The $10.00 VPCA dues will be used for the newsletter and other neighborhood related projects like sprucing up the front entrance and repairing/replacing flower boxes.

A report of expenses will be announced at each meeting and appear on our web-site. Please remit this Form and VPCA dues of $10.00 payable by check to VPCA, c/o Donna on 491 Deanview Drive, Springfield Township, OH 45224.



If you are a member of the View Place Civic Association either past or present, please let us know whether you oppose or support the following concerns AND opinions brought to the meeting held in September 2005. Keep in mind it is only a summary of the information shared at the meeting and does not neccessarily reflect the opinion or interest of individual VPCA officers and/or its membership as a whole.

The following information will be put into a statistical format and submitted to the Springfield Township before Springfield Township elections take place. Results will be posted on our web-site and upcoming newsletter (if we get enough membership dues):

1) The VPCA seeks the Township's help in ensuring that the fill operations on the Kendall property on North Bend Road adhere to existing regulations, including dust control and seeding and mulching the area over the winter. This is to ensure that neighboring properties do not experience dust, noise, and other nuisances during project operations. The VPCA also seeks the Township's help in ensuring that the sedimentation basin is cleaned out periodically to ensure that sediments do not leave the site and enter the watershed. This is also in accordance with existing regulations.
____ I oppose (check one) __85__ I support

2) Township officials have indicated (by recent telephone conversation) that they intend to keep the Kendall property's existing zoning the same. The existing zoning is R-1. The VPCA strongly supports the R-1 zoning for this property.
____ I oppose (check one) __85__ I support

3) We request Springfield Township to notify VPCA if requests for zoning changes or zoning permits are made by adjoining property owners with large parcels of unused land.
____ I oppose (check one) __85__ I support

Speed humps or bumps should be placed at the corner of Wellesley and View Place to force people to use the stop signs located there.
__30__ I oppose (check one) _ 46__ I support

Speed humps or bumps should be placed at the corner of View Place and Keats to force people to use the stop signs located there.
__33__ I oppose (check one) _47__ I support

In- ground street reflectors are needed for ascending and descending traffic at hills on Beechtree, Wellesley and corner of Deanview Drive and Keats for night safety purposes
__29_ I oppose (check one) __48__ I support

Center lines be added to View Place streets to keep drivers from using the road as "one way."
__15_ I oppose (check one) __59_ I support

“No Parking” signs be added on hills to prevent visual obstructions due to parked cars.
__12_ I oppose (check one) __65__ I support

“Loud Noise” prohibited sign be posted at _________________________ location.
_17__ I oppose (check one) __58_ I support

The front entrance with signboard and boxes be replaced/repaired with money collected from membership dues.
_1__ I oppose (check one) __84_ I support

1 observation that people do not stop at stop signs on Sunday morning.
1 request to get rid of the flower boxes because they look "bad half the time."
1 strong opposition about "no parking" on hills from a family living at one major incline.
1 request to add ordinance for people to use "doggy do scoopers"
1 request to ask township to conduct "stop" study at intersections for neighborhood
1 request to liming posts at Memo Board to those with large print
1 request to put in a"jogging path" for St. X/neighborhood walkers & split the cost with St. X
1 request to move "Deaf Child" sign on Wellesley
1 comment "we don't have enough parking on the streets as is"
1 question "who will coordinate flower boxes?"
1 questions who will determine "not putting out garbage before ___ and putting away garbage cans by ___?"

Neighbors are encouraged to copy this newsletter and paste it in their outgoing mail so it can be submitted to This will save us a lot of time and money.


COAT DRIVE : Oct. 17 through Nov. 27 - Drop off at Fire Station

PUBLIC HEARING: October 18 & 19 at 6:00 p.m. (Aggregation Hearings) The Board of Trustees is conducting this public hearing to give residents the opportunity to ask any questions they may have or gain a better understanding of the Energy Aggregation Program. In a nutshell, nothing much is changing except that by voting "yes" on the ballot, you're giving the Trustees the go ahead to solicit bids for gas and electric at lower costs. Cinergy will continue being the service provider but the Township will be permitted to buy gas and electric at cost savings to us. Either way, we will still have a choice.

VPCA MEETING: Tenative Oct. 27 - 7:30 p.m. location TBA

HALLOWEEN TRICK OR TREATING: Oct. 31 - 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

FLU SHOTS for Seniors 65 & UP: Nov. 2, 10:00 a.m. to noon (call Springfield Twp. Senior Center at 522-1154)

HEALTH SCREENING: Dec 8 - 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (call 1-800-897-9177 to schedule - small fee)

Monday, October 10, 2005

Posted by our Neighbor:

By Allan Beach, Zoo Volunteer and Audubon Chapter Board Member
Monday Oct. 17, 2005, 7:30PM
Winton Visitors Center at Winton Woods
County Park, Admission Free

Winton Visitors Center is west of the traffic light on Winton Road north of the lake

Web site:
Click on "Calendar of Events"and "October" and under the Oct. 17th program click on the pictures to see some of Al’s photographs from his presentation.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


for printing the Grapevine's Special Edition.

There are families on Blossom Hill and 1/2 of Beechtree that still have not received their newsletters. I should be around tomorrow to put them in the mailbox.