Thursday, January 12, 2006

View Place Through the Ages

At the southern end of Springfield Township is a quiet residential community called the View Place Area. Its name was derived from View Place Drive which runs off North Bend Road and affords the only accessibility to the community.

The area encompasses one-half square mile and is comprised of 263 homes located on fifteen streets. The land is quite hilly with elevations ranging between 750 and 960 feet above sea level. It is basically located on a hillside overlooking Millcreek Valley to the east.

Early records indicate the land was once owned by Clara Ingersoll and Harold Anderson. In 1953 Ms. Ingersoll sold her portion of the area to Frank L. Jackson and Walter Tiemeyer who began dividing up the land into lots for houses. In 1963, Mr. Tiemeyer sold his protion to Morton Bruce. As the developers, Mr. Jackson and Mr. Bruce had the streets paved and the area surveyed so they could divide up the land into five areas known as Beacon Heights, Brookhill, Jill's Hill, Valley View Acres, and View Place Subdivisions.

In the beginning the area was not served by utilities. After building their homes, early residents banned together to form the View Place Civic Association and petitioned The Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company to install electric and gas service. Subsequently water mains and telephone lines were extended in the area. One of the early settlers who still resides in the area is Mrs. Arlene Norris. She and her husband built their home on Beechtree in 1955. Theirs was the fourth residence built in the area.

In 1959, St. Xavier High School was constructed at the corner of North Bend Road and View Place Drive. A sewer line was installed from the school to an interceptor adjacent to Galbraith Road. Any of the residents of View Place that were on the high side of the this new sewer line were invited to tap into it at that time. Some residents took advantage of this opportunity and made the connection.

in 1959, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cushman purchased 12 acres of land and several houses at the north end of the area from Harold Anderson. Mr. Cushman owned a business in Reading and in his spare time he planted and cultivated a peony farm on this land. Each year thousands of blooms could be seen on this farm before they were cut and taken to market. After retiring, Mr. Cushman sold his property to the Covenant Apostolic Church. In 1980, the church-school building was constructed on this land.

In 1993 a section of Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway was constructed on the north end of the community after many years of delay. This construction required the demolition of 5 housed in the area with subsequent loss of one street and shortening of another. There is no access to this highway from this community.

The View Place Civic Association is very active in civic affairs and organizes a number of activities for adults plus parades and parties for children during the various holidays.

- Submitted by Art Badger

Monday, January 09, 2006

ReCap of December's Township Meeting


On January 18, 2006, there will be a self defense program which requires reservations with the police department. It is being held in conjunction with the police adademy.

The police department did receive a grant in the amount of $30,000.00 for the DARE Program.

The police have been taking some flack for being stationed at Wellsley Drive stop sign. The complaints were "don't the police have better things to do than be stationed at this stop sign?"


Under the Service Department they will be picking up Christmas trees starting December 27 through Jan. 12. Just put the tree at the curb on either Tuesday or Thursday for pick-up.

There were a couple of complaints on the snow removal, but not from our area.


The annual organizational meeting will be held on December 29, 2005, at 8:00 a.m. at the township building.

The Energy Aggregation Update - An RFP will be published the second week of January '06.

The Board honored St. Xavier High School football team with a resolution that signs will be posted at four locations in the township stating that they were Division1 State Champions.

On January 11, 2006 at 4:30 p.m., there will be a zoning change hearing for three apartments to be placed on Caldwell Drive on top of the horse boarding barn (FYI).

I made a couple of comments to the Trustees for the excellent snow removal service, the Police Chief attending our last VPCA meeting and thanking Michael Hinnenkamp for his township update.

Very truly yours,

Bill Merusi

Thank You to VP Bill and Sondra!

For their contribution to the Flower Box Fund!

Welcome VCPA Members for January 2006

Retired Lt. Col. Probst and Linda!
Allan & Paula
James and Family
Steve and Bettie
Art & Mary - thanks, by the way! I understand that residents over 65 are exempt from paying dues. Your contribution and other contributions made by residents over 65 is greatly appreciated!!!

Special Note: Still haven't made it to the bank to deposit your checks from December... I'll to get up there by Jan. 14th.

Thanks for your patience!!