Monday, July 28, 2014


In case your wondering why,  just let me say that it's the little things they do  and going above and beyond their scope of responsibilities that make living in View Place a very desirable place to live! Please call the Service Department to say thanks for all they do! 513- 522-1410 ...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Upcoming Springfield Township Meeting!

Springfield Township Shares Plans For the Future and Tax Budget - July 23, 2014

The Springfield Township Board of Trustees will conduct the annual tax budget public hearing, as required by state law, on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. in the Allen Paul Community Room, 9150 Winton Road. The tax budget hearing will be followed with a presentation and discussion of longer range issues, challenges and opportunities facing the Township, as well as preliminary five-year plan recommendations.
The presentation will highlight the Township’s response to past challenges and provide insight into key future decisions that will need to be made. Additionally, options and recommendations to the meet remaining future challenges will be presented and discussed.
Township Trustees invite residents, business owners and guests to attend the tax budget hearing and presentation, then provide input to the Board. Trustee Gwen McFarlin encourages residents to be informed, “Springfield Township is well known in Hamilton County as a leader of innovation and planning. Attending a meeting is just one way residents can learn more about the progress happening in Springfield Township. One of our major initiatives is to increase the frequency of our communications and to provide a number of ways we can better connect with the residents we serve.”
To receive regular community communications, residents are encouraged to register or update their existing Springfield Township e-news account by clicking on the “Notify Me” button on the Township’s website, There, individuals can add new subscription features to receive news they wish to receive from Springfield Township and may add their cell phone number for text messaging.
For more information on the tax budget public hearing, the 5-year plan presentation or for assistance in registering for e-news, please call 513-522-1410.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Hello Neighbors!

There are a bunch of signs now missing that were  promoting the church's VBS the last week of July.  If you know anything about the signs or why they were removed, please contact the pastor at 761-4748.  

There are a lot of homes for sale in our neighborhood right now and it's important that we continue promoting View Place  neighborhood as family friendly.   Seeing the signs promoting the movie nights and VBS sponsored by the the church  provided a nice touch. 

Please contact Pastor David Bryan if you have any questions at 761-4748.

Enjoy this beautiful weather and check in with Springfield Township about upcoming concerts and  fun activities by going to their webpage at ...

Donna on Deanview

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Written Testimony about JEDZ ....

Written testimony of Joseph Honerlaw, Springfield Township Trustee before the
House State and Local Government Committee

Good afternoon Chairman Blair and Honorable Members of the House State and local Government Committee. My name is Joe Honerlaw and as Mr. Hinnenkamp mentioned, I am a Township Trustee for Springfield Township, Hamilton County, Ohio. I have held this office since 1996. Springfield Township is, for the most part, “built-out.” There are very few commercial or industrial uses in the Township and little land on which to develop such uses in the future. Therefore aggressive redevelopment and economic tools are critical to sustaining our community. Approximately, 30% of all of the land in Springfield Township is used for purposes which are exempt from paying property taxes (e.g. schools, churches, Winton Woods). As a
result, the vast majority of Township services are supported by the remaining 70% of the Township property owners – primarily residents – who pay one of the highest property tax rates in the County and State. lthough nearly 75% of each Township resident’s property tax bill is not Township taxes, the burden of these high taxes remains the same. The Township has worked hard to manage our own affairs and in recent years have
adopted and implemented economic development plans to revitalize our housing stock and redevelop our business corridors. However, recent actions by the State Legislature, including the consideration of HB 289 are making the completion of our plans and our very survival more and more unattainable. In 2011, the State Legislature dealt the Township a devastating blow by enacting sweeping changes to Ohio law which liminated a majority of the Township’s State funding sources. These legislative changes completely decimated all of the Township’s financial planning and its 5-Year Budget projections. By these changes, and over only a 2-year period of time, the State Legislature eliminated the estate tax, the tangible personnel property tax, the public utility tax, and reduced the Township’s share of Local Government Fund revenue by over 60%. Starting in 2013, these reductions will amount to a loss of nearly $2.5 Million dollars to Springfield Township each year. More than $2 Million of the reduction in revenues is in the Township’s General Fund and depletes that fund by more than half of its total annual revenue. If the JEDD/JEDZ option is eliminated from the tools available to the Township, Springfield Township residents and businesses will see a dramatic difference in the Township where they live and work and which they helped to create. The financial gap is simply too large for it to be otherwise. The Township has already cut $1.7 million dollars in expenditures. A further $2.5 Million dollar cut each year simply cannot be achieved without very real and very drastic reductions in personnel and services. And, there will be no other entity to “pick up the slack.” The Township will be unable to meet
many of the statutorily-required duties that impact all departments and services to the community, including debt obligations. Long term, property values and the quality of life in the Township will be diminished. School districts will be negatively impacted. Greater demands will be placed on the county and state governments to provide services which they do not currently provide, with fewer and fewer tax revenues coming in to pay for them. Springfield Township has managed to be successful because of our ability to cooperate with our neighbors, share services, and our ability to effectively manage our resources to provide high quality services to our residents. A further reduction to our already severely limited existing revenue raising tools will
undo many of the successful challenges we have met as a community and further damage our ability to meet the demands of the future head on. The Township has moved forward with steps to create a JEDZ in 2014 to provide some of the critical revenue we will need to remain sustainable. I strongly urge you to oppose moving this bill forward and keep the JEDD/JEDZ legislation as it is and as it has been for many, many years. Thank you very much for your time and attention today. Mr. Hinnenkamp and I are happy to answer any questions you may have.


Call Jeff Dean at 244-1364 days and 761-6277 evenings/weekends if St.X's loudspeakers are bothering you. Some of our neighbors called to complain about the loudspeakers for the lacrosse games 3 or 4 days a week.  One neighbor called to  turn the microphone down and they didn't respond! 

Friday, April 25, 2014


Click on  JEDZ for more information before you head to the polls.  If you have additional questions, please join us at the Finneytown Civic Association Meeting on Monday at 7 pm at the Grove.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Looking for an Easter Egg Hunt this weekend?

Everyone is invited to the Easter Egg Hunt at Faith Lutheran Church in Finneytown (8265 Winton Rd). It will be held at 1 PM on Saturday, April 19th. There will be an Easter Egg Hunt and other treats for toddlers through 6th grade, plus skits by the youth group. Then on Easter morning we have a Contemporary Worship Service at 7 AM, a free breakfast at 8 AM, Sunday School at 9 AM, and a traditional Worship at 10:15 AM. Please join us! All are welcome!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Why do we need to approve JEDZ?


On May 6th, you will be asked to make  a very important decision at the election polls, one that will significantly impact your community and how it can serve you.  

Over the past few years, and with great consequence, the Ohio State Legislature eliminated certain taxes and voted to keep a higher percentage of your tax dollars that had previously been returned to the Township and used to provide your services. As a result, Springfield Township’s General Fund operating revenues have been cut by 53%.  Because we anticipated some of these budget cuts (but not all), the Springfield Township Board of Trustees reduced operational expenditures by 35%.

However, it’s not enough. Despite these actions to reduce General Fund expenditures by more than one-third, we are still faced with the decision of either pursuing a way to replace revenue or making further reductions in expenditures by approximately $1 million dollars.  

The Board believes that further expenditure and service reductions will cause irreparable damage to the Township and negatively affect property values and the quality of life for Township residents and business owners.  Increasing revenues, on the other hand, will allow us to move forward with the implementation of the Township’s Comprehensive Neighborhood Master Plan. This plan expands economic development opportunities for our community through the revitalization of our neighborhoods, preservation of important resident services, and funding of vital infrastructure projects.

The result of implementing the Comprehensive Neighborhood Master Plan will be an improved economic situation for the community. In other words, businesses and residents alike, will ultimately benefit.

So, how do we replace the necessary revenues? As a Township, we are limited by State law to only two choices. We can propose a property tax increase or a Joint Economic Development Zone/District (JEDZ/JEDD).  

We understand the current tax burden of Springfield Township property owners and do not want to propose additional property taxes for General Fund needs at this time. Also, because of the pressing need to improve economic conditions in the Township, creating a Joint Economic Development Zone (JEDZ) offers the most direct route toward economic development.

Please take some time to read the enclosed information and learn about this critical decision that will shape your community for years to come.  Then, please be sure to vote on May 6th.  Additional information is available on the Township website or call 522-1410 to have your questions answered.

Your Springfield Township Board of Trustees
Mark Berning                                     
Joseph Honerlaw                         
Gwen McFarlin    



Utilizing existing state law, the Township is proposing to partner with the City of Mt. Healthy to create a joint economic development zone (JEDZ).  The designated zone includes properties in Springfield Township where businesses are located and/or individuals work, excluding home-based businesses.

The JEDZ will enable the collection of a 1.5% payroll/earnings tax on businesses and individuals who work in the zone.  As required by law, the City of Mt. Healthy must collect the tax and allocate the revenue between the Township and the City based on the percentage outlined in the agreement.

The City of Mt. Healthy provided the Township with the most advantageous partnership agreement and gives Springfield Township the best option for future long-term collaborations aimed at reducing costs and dependency on property taxes.



• The Township’s General Fund operating revenue has been reduced by 53% due to actions taken by the Ohio State Legislature.

• While the Township has reduced General Fund operational expenditures by 35%, the need to replace revenues by approximately $1 million still remains in order to prevent further budget cuts that could negatively affect property values and the quality of life for Township residents and business owners.

• The JEDZ will allow the Township to implement the critical improvement strategies outlined in the Comprehensive Neighborhood Master Plan, which means expanding economic development opportunities, revitalizing our neighborhoods, preserving important resident services, and funding  infrastructure projects.

• Understanding the current tax burden of Springfield Township property owners, Trustees do not want to propose additional property taxes for General Fund needs at this time.

• Many employees travel into Springfield Township each day and use and benefit from services that property owners in the Township pay for.  Additionally, nearly 30% of the property in the Township is owned by a non-profit entity, which is tax-exempt and pays no property tax, but these entities also benefit from and use Township services.  For these reasons, the Board of Trustees feels that the JEDZ is the most fair and equitable way to replace the necessary revenue to enable the Township to move forward with vital economic development efforts and maintain important resident services.  


• If no alternative methods of funding are identified, the Springfield Township Board of Trustees will have to consider increasing resident property taxes or making significant budget cuts.

• The lack of funding will reduce the Township’s ability to implement important economic development strategies and will require significant cuts to the services that assist the Township in recruiting new businesses, development projects, and homeowners.

 Budget cuts may include a reduction in snow removal, road repair, nuisance property enforcement, as well as the closing of the Senior & Community Arts Center and several Township parks.

 Further information can be found

Please call 513-522-1410 for questions.
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