Thursday, June 25, 2015


The 4th of July Parade is scheduled for 10:30 am and meet up is at Deanview Drive and Keats! Remember to wear your red, white, and blue ensemble and decorate your bikes, wagons, and tractors!  The parade goes from Keats, to Beachtree, and ends at the parking lot of St. X. High School. It is less than a 20 minute walk and fun for the kids and grandkids.  Family and friends are welcome to participate! 

Also welcome our new neighbors Ashley and Leroy on Commonwealth! Also new neighbors Alicia and Tom on Deanview in Bob and Janet Dean's mid-century California ranch. Wow! They restored the home to picture perfect mid-century Modern! 

Thanks to all the neighbors updating their homes, mowing and gardening their front lawnscape! Please continue to represent what we're all about here in View Place - community pride, caring neighbors, and a friendly a place we call home! 

About the Zoning Board and Appeal/Special exception to expand the Boy's Hope Home, there is no news. Last I heard, they were deliberating in an "executive" meeting to go over the information. I am hoping that Boy's Hope will see the safety issues, parking issues,  ongoing traffic of caregivers, and wear on neighborhood morale by considering another location for the boys.  More on this later.

Something we should all be concerned about -- a car was broken into on View Place.  Here is the account from one of our neighbors;

"Monday June 8th sometime during the night my car was broken into.  There was cigarette ashes left all over the steering wheel and belongings in the console were thrown around.  I filed a report with the police and they said if we see anything that seems funny in the neighborhood, or someone that looks like they are up to no!  Also, a reminder to keep any exterior lights on at night.  The officer did say they will try and increase the patrol during 3rd shift in our neighborhood."

See ya at the parade!

Donna on Deanview
Cheryl on Commonwealth


While going for a walk 2 days ago, my wife and i found the DVD player in the picture, thrown into the bushes on Viewplace, just past Rocky Road.

I'm thinking someone may have stolen it, then tossed it away, since that's how i found a radio that was taken from my vehicle a few years ago.

So, is anyone missing one? Were any cars, houses broken into last week?  FYI:  I checked with the police, they didn't know of any and weren't interested in taking the device.

Well, here's the picture, you can post it if you like.

Bob and Robin  

Friday, June 05, 2015


Please remember to contact 911 if you see or hear anyone dropping off pets in our neighborhood.  Animal cruelty charges can be filed against the perpetrator if they are caught in the act or if they can get a good description of the car -- color, license, make, etc.   It happens so quickly but most people travel with their cell phones these days so if we can just remember this safety tip call 911 -- in our case, it will be Springfield Township responding.

Last Tuesday, someone  dropped off their 2 pit bull mix (Pitador or Labrabull) in our neighborhood. While the two dogs ended up being pretty friendly, we just can't take that chance not knowing their temperament.  The dogs were big enough to knock down and injure a small child or adult if approached.    In fact, they nearly took my screen out jumping up trying to get into my home because they were so hungry.

We all want to do the right thing in caring for strays by reuniting the ones who are lost and the ones who are clearly abandoned. Just keep in mind to contact 911 when you see someone dropping off dogs, cats, or other family pets into our neighborhood.

Puppets for Lunch Sponsored by ARTSWAVE

Go here to this link to get the information about the upcoming special event for your children!

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Found 2 Dogs in View Place Area...

Found 2 Dogs in View Place!

Neighbors verified someone dropped off  2 pitbull mix doggies on Tuesday, June 2, evening time. They were also seen Tuesday evening off Seymour.

College Hill VCA verified pitbull mix of lab/bull/terrier possibly used for breeding, not fighting:

1) Black and White Male. Large
2) Brown and White Female. Medium

Very friendly, very tired, and very disappointed. Left Deanview Drive approx Thursday, June 4th in am before Rumpke pick up.

Contact  Cincinnati Crew to leave message if you see these dogs.
Give last location, description, so they 
 can track where they are going. Let's find a safe place for them.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Update About Boy's Hope Home Expansion

Here is an update about the appeal that was filed to build two additional Boys Hope Homes at the end of View Place and the proposed public hearing scheduled for June 1st at 5:30 pm.  

On May 6th, major concerns from the neighborhood were brought to the attention of Fr. Tim Howe, of St. Xavier High School, in regard to Boy's Hope expansion of their group home by building two additional homes on two proposed lots at the end of View Place.  After the meeting, it was hoped that the appeal would be withdrawn  by Richard Tranter, Esq., Legal Counsel for Boys Hope,  after  concerns were raised about how the new plan of adding more homes does not conform to the residential atmosphere of the neighborhood and how the serious lack of road frontage cannot accommodate two additional residences. 

I  have not seen if the appeal was withdrawn. 

In the event the appeal is not withdrawn and the public hearing goes on as scheduled for June 1st,  an additional "neighborhood"  meeting is scheduled tentatively for Thursday, May 28th at the Springfield Township Administration office at 6 pm with Chris Gilbert so he can explain the zoning process and appeal process.  This meeting was set up for information sharing purposes so View Place neighbors understand the zoning and appeal process.  As a neighborhood, I am concerned that we might stray off during the public hearing by bringing up subject matter that the Board of Appeal does not have purvue over.  

Here's what we need to know:  

1) An application for a "special exception" was filed by Richard Tranter, representing Boy's Hope Home,  because the frontage does not have a public dedicated right of way.  It would need access to a private lot which is owned by one of our neighbors who has been forced to take legal action at his own expense because Boys Hope wants to use his driveway.  (See attachments)

2)  In the application for "special exception" it states that "the proposed uses are entirely consistent with single family residences and will not impose any extraordinary utility or public safety demands on the community" which is not true. (See attachment) 

Many neighbors feel adding two more homes on these newly created parcels on St. X property  is an abuse, creating cluster group homes, by using  "residential zoning" to build homes that are clearly not occupied by one family residents. We need Springfield Township to address the issue of "group homes" because if they allow Boy's Hope Home this special case, it  will create a precedent for further development of other properties currently zoned for "residential." 

3) In general, the proposed plans for the additional homes  will draw in more traffic posing safety, parking issue, wear and tear on the roads and lawns. For example, employees at the current Boy's Hope Home use neighbors driveways to back in and out at all hours of the night because the current drive cannot accommodate all the cars. Street parking on both sides of this street is consistently used  and in some cases, cars and vans park up on the lawns. The existing club wagon for Boy's Hope Home, another example, cannot turn  and back out of existing one-car drive onto the street  without using neighbors driveways or lawns creating high wear on their lawns and drives. There are several families who do not like the existing traffic created by caseworkers and caregivers coming and going but never made an issue because it was only one home.  I am hearing one home is fine, but two more homes? No way.

4) There is a huge concern about how construction will create a nightmare for residents living on View Place. Due to the very small cul de sac and one single-car driveway currently owned and maintained by one of our neighbors, it's unrealistic to think that the neighborhood will not be impacted directly from the construction trucks to clear out the wooded area to make way for development, level the land, and build the homes. 

Please look for meeting dates posted on the "memo board" at the front of the neighborhood

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Upcoming Finneytown Civic Association Meeting!

Information about upcoming Finneytown Civic Association is available here.


Next Meeting:

MONDAY April 27, 2015 from 7-9 PM
Springfield Township Senior/Community Center
The Grove
9158 Winton Road

Confirmed Schedule:

We will feature Kim Flamm and ArtsConnect. We will also vote on Board members, so please consider joining the Board.

INFO: Joe Gorman President 325-5202
Check out our Facebook page

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Public Hearing for Expansion of Boy's Hope Home

Please be advised there is a public hearing scheduled this Tuesday at 5:30 pm in regard to an expansion of the Boy's Hope Home at the end of View Place.  If you have any concerns, please be in attendance at the meeting scheduled in the Administration Building at 5:30 pm or if you have questions, contact Chris Gilbert.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Oil Painting Classes Offered through Springfield Township Senior and Community Arts

Oil paints are rich, vivid and vibrant. There are certain techniques that artists use in order to be successful with this beautiful medium. Whether you have never painted with oil paint or are just dusting off your brushes, this is the class for you! ArtsConnect’s expert instructor, Susan Hoffeimer will guide you with step-by-step instruction on how to use oil paint materials.  With your first painting, you will learn how to work with a three color palette, how to mix color, how to show lights and darks to create dimension, and how to shade seamlessly from one shade to the next. In the last two weeks of the session, we will either create another guided still-life painting or you may stretch your wings and do a painting of your own choice.  Our instructor will go from easel to easel, offering assistance and giving advice.

Session & Class Structure: Classes will be held once a week, for four week sessions. This program is ideal for beginners, as well as advanced students. Some drawing abilities are helpful. Class members are asked to bring their own paint supplies. Check out ArtsConnect’s facebook page to see the photos of what class members have created!!!

The program runs Tuesday nights, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. At the Springfield Township Senior and Community Arts Center
Registration and details are online at

Call me if you have any questions. We would love to have you!!!

Kimberlee Flamm
Projects, Events & Communications Coordinator
Arts & Enrichment Council Chair
Springfield Township Administration
9150 Winton Road
Cincinnati, OH 45231

Phone:  513-522-1410
Fax:      513-522-1411